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Latest Progaramming Comments

Software Eng. 16-Jun-2009
Well done keet up We need more to improve on searching for the text. Thanks lusiba... Hits (86509) View Tutorial

en 16-Jun-2009
Perfect answer - one problem one solution.... Hits (314281) View Tutorial

question 16-Jun-2009
how to understand thedifference between C++ and JAVA? Thank for your work Tsongo From Uganda, your future Programmer.... Hits (12853) View Tutorial

javascript 16-Jun-2009
May i use the java codings within then javascript function???... Hits (64262) View Tutorial

mini project 15-Jun-2009
sir, can you please give me a list of mini project which will be completed in a month and uses only java programming... Hits (13154) View Tutorial

problem 15-Jun-2009
Good morning, I got a problem and i dont know how to resolve it : I have already a pdf and i would like to add some information in it but i dont know how?Can you help me please? Thanks... Hits (11492) View Tutorial

How to get remote user windows login name 15-Jun-2009
Thanks a lot for the info. Now I have an additional requirement to look for getting remote user windows login name. Could you plase thwor some light on that... Hits (26172) View Tutorial

How can i make the checkbox checked by default. 15-Jun-2009
Hi, How can i make the checkbox checked by default. I write like this <html:checkbox property="someName" value="False"> It is appears as checked but it is sending false to request. if i kept the "True" it is not checked. Else we have to change in the action class based on the return v... Hits (103027) View Tutorial

thanks a lot for the stack coding 15-Jun-2009
thank you very very much.... Hits (78764) View Tutorial

Hats of to RoseIndia 15-Jun-2009
Just wanted to comment that Roseindia is an exceptionally good site for getting contents related to Java. I am student of IIT Roorkee & have been involved in project development in the largest IT company of India and I of all the sites available on internet Roseindia has provided me with excellent s... Hits (47502) View Tutorial

advanteges of java over dot net 15-Jun-2009
i have one doubt. Iam confusing to learn java.iam so intrasted to java language what is advanteges of java over .net? Give breifly discuss on java please send me... ... Hits (110888) View Tutorial

Core Java 15-Jun-2009
Trying to learn core java... Hits (71294) View Tutorial

another way to remember the different layers 15-Jun-2009
please = physical layer do = data link layer not = network layer through = transport layer sweet= session layer pizz = presentation layer away = application layer... Hits (128980) View Tutorial

Small doubt on this code.. 15-Jun-2009
Thanks for roseinda people,..its very use fulled calendar code, But one thing that why its showing year as maximum of 2008 only? if i want till 2020 means what i have to do reply me Thanks kalyan... Hits (73543) View Tutorial

Image Path Problem 15-Jun-2009
Thanks for providing code for Image in PDF... But where should I have to put Iamge - "devi.jpg"....? I am using Eclipse, and I have tried by putting image at same place where is my "class" as well as "java" file.... Hits (35891) View Tutorial

WebSphere training 15-Jun-2009
I need to do training on websphere training. So please send me all the information regarding this. ... Hits (29529) View Tutorial

BEST Site for learning. 15-Jun-2009
Content of this site is the best of all that i have seen and is extremely helpful for a new coder.... Hits (141922) View Tutorial

Class not foundException coming while running 15-Jun-2009
i run this project in NetBeans. i added the library files and created the source files. but it throws NoClassDefFoundError due to ClassNotFoundException. just tell me how to rectify this...??... Hits (58961) View Tutorial

validation 15-Jun-2009
how to validate special characters using java swing ... Hits (1429724) View Tutorial

autocompleter 15-Jun-2009
i am using struts2(core 2.1.6) but it seems that the autocompleter is not available..i mean it doesn't exist in the suggestion list after i type <s:...> and if force to complete the tagged and then run.. it says No tag "autocompleter" defined in tag library imported with prefix "s" anyone can h... Hits (77956) View Tutorial

Not correctly synchronized 15-Jun-2009
In this example, programmer is actually creating two different instances of Share class !!...Although we get the output most of the time as given here,code is not properly synchronized.He should have written synchronized(Share.class) instead of synchronized(this).... Hits (39618) View Tutorial

hibernate traning 14-Jun-2009
its very intersting... Hits (36401) View Tutorial

The concept of writting 14-Jun-2009
The content writing scales the admirable height of the various observation and the perception of vision invariably from man to man with the best possession of thought. ... Hits (8988) View Tutorial

Java Based Question 14-Jun-2009
Write a java program with polymorphism... Hits (1429724) View Tutorial

question 14-Jun-2009
well answer... Hits (228356) View Tutorial

feed back 14-Jun-2009
good , tutorial for learning... Hits (112417) View Tutorial

its nice keep it up... Hits (5752) View Tutorial

Hibernate 14-Jun-2009
What is DBCP ?... Hits (463123) View Tutorial

download jdk 14-Jun-2009
i want to download jdk... Hits (324703) View Tutorial

Incredible...! 14-Jun-2009
I really liked da tricky questions n their easy answers... I wd tak sum mor help frm da site.... Hits (117868) View Tutorial

nice 14-Jun-2009
where is the web.xml config needed for the example..?? ... Hits (72160) View Tutorial

Error in running firstexample.java 13-Jun-2009
Following error occured while running the FirstExample.java file in hibernateexample project log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.hibernate.cfg.Environment). log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. Inserting Record Done Exception in thread "main" org.hibern... Hits (141294) View Tutorial

bug in source code 13-Jun-2009
hi, I'm really enjoying the tutorials, MUCH better than at the official hibernate site. anyway, there is a bug in the code that nobody else seems to have noticed. the outputs are backwards. the mean should be about 900, and the standard deviation should be about 500. the code has the output reve... Hits (198493) View Tutorial

java tutorials 13-Jun-2009
im completely new to java and i want to learn it. please send me appropriate tutorials... Hits (64540) View Tutorial

All CDs for other selections 13-Jun-2009
plz request Cd for Curieyar ... Hits (1030) View Tutorial

Optimization 13-Jun-2009
nice portal for all beginners and professionals.... Hits (111260) View Tutorial

comments on Java - Opening a url in new window fro 13-Jun-2009
it dooesn't work from an appletviewer but it works from a web browser.... Hits (14871) View Tutorial

java project 13-Jun-2009
i want immediately for one pharmacy project with jsp or servelet codings... Hits (153282) View Tutorial

interview some common question and suitable answer 13-Jun-2009
HOW MAKE I BETTER PERFORMER... Hits (37897) View Tutorial

Config. of Hibernate,Spring,Struts in Tomcat 13-Jun-2009
I have a problem in configuration in Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Intellij in Tomcat.... Hits (89279) View Tutorial

vinoth 13-Jun-2009
i want information for fucking tools ... Hits (45177) View Tutorial

How to deploy? 13-Jun-2009
So you've told me how to run this on the command line, but how do I deploy it on my web page with the security file? I am using Eclipse... Hits (37194) View Tutorial

Amazed nobody's made an executable .jar file yet. 13-Jun-2009
Calculators, clocks, RSS feed doo-hickeys; are these the only things people are idiot-proofing from Java source code into executable and cross-platform .jar binaries? Pardon my mix-and-match of the lingo, but I happen to be very much chagrinned. The same-ware apps from KDE built to run in Windows ... Hits (19256) View Tutorial

How to create login swing with database 13-Jun-2009
Please send me email... I want to create swing login page with user database...thanks for u'r help...... Hits (64398) View Tutorial


Good post made confusing bcos of typo in code 12-Jun-2009
Please change the <h1>out with escapeXml=false</h1> with the line <h1>out with escapeXml=true</h1> in your code for the first example to reflect correctly what the code is doing. !!! ... Hits (23033) View Tutorial

java 12-Jun-2009
java Programs... Hits (102079) View Tutorial

osi layer and network devices 12-Jun-2009
good... Hits (128980) View Tutorial

J2me applications in Mobiles 12-Jun-2009
Hi, I want how to create two threads, one for communication and the other thread for communication with the user, main thread will make use of two MIDLEt forms, the second thread should perform http connecticity to WWW, please send me any information regarding this Thanks in advance... Hits (58983) View Tutorial

training 12-Jun-2009
i want to traning from u... Hits (70274) View Tutorial

java 12-Jun-2009
ineed jspbased java project... Hits (112105) View Tutorial

Swing Program for Login Page 12-Jun-2009
Please Send Me This Code .. Struts Hibernate Spring Struts Login ... Hits (98590) View Tutorial

assiat 12-Jun-2009
1. Using a language of your choice, explain how you would implement a pointer .Give the name of the language you are using. 2. Implement an algorithm to sort an array 3. Show how to implement a stack of seven integers using Push () and () Pop () in an array. 4. Using an example explain how ... Hits (12) View Tutorial

Not Required to write this much code 12-Jun-2009
float num = 2.956165f; DecimalFormat decimal = new DecimalFormat("#.##"); System.out.println("Rounded of decimal::::::::"+decimal.format(num));... Hits (169215) View Tutorial

tree and treenode (Ajax Tag) tags Example 12-Jun-2009
Hello, I'm Balamurugan from chennai. I'm trying to run this program but cant do it. Can u give me the complete program to download. Please help me as soon as possible. I need to implement this concept in my project Thanks in advance.... Hits (59741) View Tutorial

PHP and MySQL Bigneer 12-Jun-2009
Hi, I am new in PHP,and also working on website plesae help me.I want to join ur website this is a good website which is provide all information with us. Thanks Ragini... Hits (3687) View Tutorial

How to call a Java method onclick from JSP 12-Jun-2009
Hi, I have to call a java method from a jsp page on click of 'Submit'. But m sure hw to do it. I have created a simple JSP page that uploads the file and on 'Submit' it should call the Java method which updates the db with file details. I have created the Java method for that, but am not sure how ... Hits (70306) View Tutorial

toutorial 12-Jun-2009
give me some more efficient and understandable toutorial please . I need to learn this very urgently... Hits (29300) View Tutorial

Query return you the result set in column 12-Jun-2009
Thanks a lot man..! That's what I was looking for... Hits (3877) View Tutorial

Awesome study material for java..... 12-Jun-2009
yes seriously very outstanding stuff to study java.....I like it very much....... Hits (1429724) View Tutorial

java project 11-Jun-2009
hi i m doing master in information technology its my final semester in this semester i need to make my project in advance java plz help me to make my project with source code... Hits (112105) View Tutorial

correction 11-Jun-2009
The bitwise XOR "^" operator produces 1 if both of the bits in its operands are different. However, if both of the bits are same then this operator produces 0. Moreover if both of the bits are 1 i.e. 1^1 then also it produces 1. WRONG!!! It should be: Moreover if both of the bits are 1 i.e. ... Hits (106404) View Tutorial

Error in the transform 11-Jun-2009
Hi, transformer.transform(xsl, result); Here, the input parameters for the transform() are XMLinputSource & the StreamResult for the output to be written. But you have wrongly mentioned as xsl, and if i follow the same method I'm not getting the expected output which you have given. Ple... Hits (14145) View Tutorial

xml parser 11-Jun-2009
its not working ... Hits (10214) View Tutorial

Suggestion 11-Jun-2009
AOA, it would be good for me and for every new person to struct that if u people give simple and complte example of struct rather then in peaces that we can understand how to start using structs... Hits (1834324) View Tutorial

Thanks 11-Jun-2009
AOA, Thanks for ur this page which has cleared my concept about the actions of struts... Hits (376042) View Tutorial

java 11-Jun-2009
it's clear and in understandable form. every person can easily understand it.... Hits (104872) View Tutorial

Freelance SEO 11-Jun-2009
Reference ID: SFreelance SEO I have 2.5 years job Experience in SEO... Hits (3056) View Tutorial

how to create jar files in java and how to convero 11-Jun-2009
please send reply ... Hits (27568) View Tutorial

spring 11-Jun-2009
I am very new to Strut,Spring and Hybernet. I want to make a any simple application on these technologies. ... Hits (85481) View Tutorial

Thanks From Sibananda For WAP 11-Jun-2009
Thanks Sir For Providing Valuable Information For Learning The WAP. Please Give Some More On It & The SCOPE of it.... Hits (47660) View Tutorial

struts 2 short-circuit 11-Jun-2009
i am also facing same problem. i used short-circuit in validation.xml.but it is not working.it return seccess can any one help me regarding this one?... Hits (110704) View Tutorial

Architect 11-Jun-2009
Hi, I wonder where I can find a screen scraper.... Hits (41655) View Tutorial

Struts and EXTJS 11-Jun-2009
Does any one have any idea on how to integrate Struts with EXTJS. I'm facing an issue where the JSP with EXTJS failing to reach the strtus action. ~Alapati... Hits (28541) View Tutorial

show Database data in combox of java swing 11-Jun-2009
super super super... Hits (72921) View Tutorial

apply For swing jobs 10-Jun-2009
I am Interested in working at roseindia... Hits (2732) View Tutorial

please its URGENT................... 10-Jun-2009
can you please tell me how to search data from multiple drop down boxes in one frame?... Hits (42756) View Tutorial

where is Employee.dtd 10-Jun-2009
It is not clear how transformer will know where can it get a content of Employee.dtd. Could anybody clarify this point? Thanks!... Hits (50717) View Tutorial

details about SCADA 10-Jun-2009
i'm studyin BE..........want to know about SCADA......... Hits (24405) View Tutorial

JAVA Programming 10-Jun-2009
I wish to take help regarding blue java. Eagerly awaited for your communication in this matter. Regards, S.S.Guha Kolkata (India)... Hits (24410) View Tutorial

i like your tutorials 10-Jun-2009
i am a computer science student i just discover your site and so far it has benefited me immensly thank you guys... Hits (42467) View Tutorial

Servlet action is currently unavailable 10-Jun-2009
Hi i have downloaded struts 2 source code from roseindia.net but its not running showing error msg as The requested service (Servlet action is currently unavailable) is not currently available. pls tell me the solution..... Hits (1834324) View Tutorial

Need Mini Project 10-Jun-2009
Iam an Mca Student looking for a valuable Mini Project.if any one have any proj please send in my [email protected] mail address.... Hits (26307) View Tutorial

Output given for example is wrong 10-Jun-2009
Output should be The value of 0=10 The value of 1=20 The value of 2=30 The value of 3=40 The value of 4=50 Or we can change the program at following line printf("The value of array2[%d]=%d\n", j, array2[j]); to get desire result. ... Hits (23471) View Tutorial

Java codes 10-Jun-2009
Iam trying to publish a map on the web through java but unable to do it ? Please help and send the coding for same... Hits (77530) View Tutorial

xml editor 10-Jun-2009
please give the xml editor with source code using asp.net and sql server... Hits (35957) View Tutorial

Please note this... 10-Jun-2009
I have been using this tutorial to study this framework..Please note that the title name of this page spells wrong...It has to be Spring not "Sping"!!!please correct it asap.. thanks and regards... Hits (403619) View Tutorial

struts file upload 10-Jun-2009
Thanks for providing such a nice piece of code . But it is better if you provide how to save in folde also. ... Hits (346143) View Tutorial

login question 10-Jun-2009
hello I just did the login tutorial and everything works perfectly, it connects to my database and there are no problems, thank you very much. the only thing is what can i do to make it more secure? i need to put code on all the pages which remembers the session so people cant just login by typing ... Hits (9910) View Tutorial

comments on ques 10-Jun-2009
this site fulfill our requirement in simple and easy words.i like your short and simple answers.... Hits (224744) View Tutorial

month and birthstone 10-Jun-2009
how can i use combo box with the month to birthstone. if i click command botton it show the birth stone that i select... Hits (24687) View Tutorial

cant find dojo.xd.js 10-Jun-2009
i cant find the dojo.xd.js file ?... Hits (56344) View Tutorial

code 10-Jun-2009
what is the use of this code...tell me please :(... Hits (12830) View Tutorial

Error with POI 10-Jun-2009
My error is: ERROR java.lang.RuntimeException: You cannot have more than 255 columns in a given row (IV). Because Excel can't handle it Please help me... Hits (43007) View Tutorial

java interview questions 09-Jun-2009
Excellent material which is very self explanatory.... Hits (228356) View Tutorial

Strange "\" value 09-Jun-2009
Halo..i try using above code.. but when it display data in datagrid,it will have strange"\" value at datagrid... For example, for Username which suppose to be display as"john" will be display as"\john".. anybody encounter same problem with me?i can't solve it...... Hits (46161) View Tutorial

java 09-Jun-2009
searching interview question and tutorial... Hits (45423) View Tutorial

Checking for a variable in a List 09-Jun-2009
Hi there, I have the following code which needs to be executed. #foreach( $validationError in $ERROR_MESSSAGE_KEY_LIST ) Failure reason: $validationError <br> #end I am passing validationError in Context as a variable and ERROR_MESSSAGE_KEY_LIST as a List containing many Map variables. I coul... Hits (13457) View Tutorial

i need to learn java in little time of period 09-Jun-2009
java is so wide hw u will teach in a single day................. Hits (33764) View Tutorial

Great Job 09-Jun-2009
Its a great tutorial for hibernate,i found it very useful to jump start quickly with hibernate. Thanks once again.I appreciate your work.... Hits (1490329) View Tutorial

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