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Latest Progaramming Comments

mobile filtering 16-Jul-2009
hi im a BE computer engineering student.im working on a project and my project topic is mobile filtering.i need your help to develop the j2me programs for spamming the text messages on the mobile phones.if u have any programs related to my project topic please mail it to me as soon as possible... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

request 15-Jul-2009
i realy interest on your project please send me this detaily... Hits (9806) View Tutorial

Print Data or INformation entered in TextField 15-Jul-2009
I have problem of JTextField Printing. I have Many Form in Swing using JTextField and Button But i want to print entered Data or Information in TextField of Form not Complete Form please reply code on my E-mail thanks ... Hits (33359) View Tutorial

Developer 15-Jul-2009
very good tech reference place and learners-starting-point.... Thank you very much and Best wishes. Jagadheesan... Hits (190245) View Tutorial

JSFAvancees 15-Jul-2009
I'm need documentation for jsf... Hits (228057) View Tutorial

good 15-Jul-2009
It's good for learners... Hits (25055) View Tutorial

JAVA 15-Jul-2009
its a good package for all beginners...everything is given in a systematic manner..i find it very useful... Hits (106758) View Tutorial

how bout leap years 15-Jul-2009
hi... this coding helping you to get day betweet defined dates... how bout u dun know the date...and how to include the leap year Condition..for an example..you get the dates from database and calculate number of year...? ... Hits (24127) View Tutorial

jframe 15-Jul-2009
I am not satisfied with this code.........please tell me more about it......!... Hits (50361) View Tutorial

core java projects 15-Jul-2009
i would like to have more information about the projects ... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

Help required in solving this exception-Urgent 15-Jul-2009
Batch update returned unexpected row count from update: 0 actual row count: 0 expected: 1 ... Hits (371506) View Tutorial

getting below excption for Update 15-Jul-2009
Batch update returned unexpected row count from update: 0 actual row count: 0 expected: 1 ... Hits (371506) View Tutorial

Urgent 15-Jul-2009
Hello i need a yahoomail proxy to check my yahoo mail and iam in studying in college and here yahoomail is banned from 9.00am to 6.00 pm.I want to see my important emails so plz send some proxy to open yahoo mail... ... Hits (180343) View Tutorial

rose india meterial is good 15-Jul-2009
the meterial is good , t want the updates to my mail.... Hits (901465) View Tutorial

please inform me 15-Jul-2009
please update me the newly exceptions & Classes, methods, objects. in java ... Hits (18034) View Tutorial

HI Iam Rahul i need some java logical programs 15-Jul-2009
hello i need some java logical progrms for...... Hits (33398) View Tutorial

HI Iam Rahul i need some java logical programs 15-Jul-2009
hello i need some java logical progrms for...... Hits (33398) View Tutorial

HI Iam Rahul i need some java logical programs 15-Jul-2009
hello i need some java logical progrms for...... Hits (33398) View Tutorial

servlet programms 15-Jul-2009
REALLY GOOD PROGRAMMS... Hits (603186) View Tutorial

function sortNumbers(one,two) 15-Jul-2009
function sortNumbers(one,two){ return(one-two); } Let me to know, how is it convert a string to numreic type.advanced thanks..... Hits (5645) View Tutorial

How to Open Yahoo mail which proxy needed 15-Jul-2009
Hello Sir i need Proxy to open yahoo mail .Pls Suggest me here they have blocked through linex. Regards Mateen... Hits (180343) View Tutorial

java blue j program 15-Jul-2009
write a java program to print all the prime number between 1 to 100 in fibonacci series.... Hits (47950) View Tutorial

java multiplicaiton 15-Jul-2009
cn u help me how to do ds... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30... Hits (105215) View Tutorial

sample not working with tomcat 6.0.20 15-Jul-2009
your nice sample is not working with tomcat 6.0.20. The navigation links( Previous 1 2 3 Next) could not be displayed.. Any help??? Andy... Hits (46161) View Tutorial

input boxes 14-Jul-2009
can you help how to calculates for the sum, difference, product and quotient of the two inputted values using Input Dialog Boxes. and Show the result with Message Dialog Boxes. Set the Message Dialog Box Type to Information Message.??^_^... Hits (77530) View Tutorial

Navigation links could not be displayed!!! 14-Jul-2009
navigation links (Previous 1 2 3 ... Next) could not be displayed while trying your sample on tomcat 6.0.20. Any help..plz?? ... Hits (46161) View Tutorial

I want to learn JAVA 14-Jul-2009
i want to learn java in a step by step mannar at an earliest time... Hits (96597) View Tutorial

code for play audio 14-Jul-2009
can u give me code for audio play through vlc media player in jsp/servlet... Hits (346143) View Tutorial

binary 14-Jul-2009
iwant to learn more about binary programm.... Hits (62614) View Tutorial

Entity Beans in EJB3.0 14-Jul-2009
Hi, Here you have mentioned EJBs are 2 types, but what about Entity Beans in EJB3.0 ?... Hits (141320) View Tutorial

html 14-Jul-2009
full details on the html page... Hits (8657) View Tutorial

how to publish it 14-Jul-2009
hi i did what you said but actually i want to publish the web service into a UDDI registry,please tell me in detail what to do thanks... Hits (509970) View Tutorial

XBRL 14-Jul-2009
How to Procure XBRL used for financial reporting . Tell us links where we can learn more about it. Name the Countries where it is being used. Institutes Providing Training in XBRL.... Hits (3827) View Tutorial

Image Uploading 14-Jul-2009
This program is Uploading the image but how to display an image when uploading is completed ... Hits (99713) View Tutorial

about core java 14-Jul-2009
i want more explanations... Hits (21695) View Tutorial

ABout the java Project 14-Jul-2009
I am also from BBSR.You have to refer the book that name is complete reference in java.First of all you have to learn the basics of java from that book. if you have any doubt, I will tell you through in net.Send your doubts to my mail id separately, if you are really interested in java projects. ... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

Soution 13-Jul-2009
Guys, I ran into same problem and did find cause of it. I had my Action identiifed as s:form action=LoadForm.action .... What this is saying is load from the context where ever you are accessing the current form. But I had my Action class defined under namespace=/ ... in struts.xml So, to ma... Hits (314281) View Tutorial

jexcel 13-Jul-2009
how to insert a row and column in excel file using java API?... Hits (45423) View Tutorial

java codes 13-Jul-2009
they are educative.... Hits (239341) View Tutorial

java codes 13-Jul-2009
they are educative.... Hits (1429724) View Tutorial

This is nice but one doubt 13-Jul-2009
Hi This is a good facility to create a log file in one Java program. But how do i use it in a project where there are multiple files interacting with each other. Do i have to create multiple instance or use "append" property? And if that is the case then where should i initialize my logger object? ... Hits (20483) View Tutorial

JAva project 13-Jul-2009
Being a beginner to this language i don't understand what all projects can i develop using features like swings, applets,jdbc. I have to show it in my college as my training report. Kindly suggest me with some ideas that r unique as well as interesting as soon as possible since i have only 15 days ... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

Code error 13-Jul-2009
In the Science array object before starting the second element there should be a '{'.... Hits (51189) View Tutorial

simply best 13-Jul-2009
way of explanation is simply good... Hits (174913) View Tutorial

how to do this in php 13-Jul-2009
hi...can anybody tell me how to do this in php.. is there any function like session_start(false),to give only pre existing session... Hits (54884) View Tutorial

j2ee 13-Jul-2009
learning is my objective ... Hits (112105) View Tutorial

java learning 13-Jul-2009
i want the notes for core java... with detailed programs and covering the total concepts....... Hits (98590) View Tutorial

java 13-Jul-2009
how can you dowload on java development kid (JDK)... Hits (324703) View Tutorial

Learn Core Java 13-Jul-2009
I want to learn java in one month... Help me..... Hits (83311) View Tutorial

database 13-Jul-2009
get me database sorce code ... Hits (34249) View Tutorial

java 13-Jul-2009
this is the best notes for java programmers....... Hits (70181) View Tutorial

java 13-Jul-2009
this is best notes for java programmers....... Hits (177008) View Tutorial

ConnectionNotFoundException 13-Jul-2009
This code is running perfectly if i am giving it a URL of local network but if i assign a URL which is outside the network i.e. internet, it throws an exception ConnectionNotFoundException. Kindly solve my problem. Thanks. Imdad Soomro ... Hits (18675) View Tutorial

Problem Being Faced in Web Service 13-Jul-2009
sir, i have a project regarding Web Service in which there is a Java Client and a PHP server. The WSDL file i created works perfectly fine for the PHP web service (both client and server is coded in PHP) however it doesnt work with Java Client, most probably because i have to return an Array fro... Hits (509970) View Tutorial

Problem Being Faced in Web Service 13-Jul-2009
Sir, I am Farhan Ali. I have been trying to develop a Web Service with a Java Client and a PHP Server. Although the WSDL file I made, works perfectly fine for PHP client and Server, it does not work properly for Java Client mainly because, i return an array from PHP server to the client which th... Hits (509970) View Tutorial

request 12-Jul-2009
could you please put some java tutorial downloads?? thanx! ^_^... Hits (18502) View Tutorial

frame work 12-Jul-2009
i want detail this title... Hits (408619) View Tutorial

good example. 12-Jul-2009
vry well explained .. it cleared all my doubts regarding switch.. few things that even my stupid teacher did'nt tell .i got to know from here. i dont hav any java book ..still i cleared all my doubts from here.. ... Hits (103050) View Tutorial

good 12-Jul-2009
nice on will help for project........ Hits (28596) View Tutorial

need java source code 12-Jul-2009
i need the java souce code of inranet mailing system for my final year poject.plzzzzzzzzzz send the link to it immediately; id is - [email protected].. Hits (13154) View Tutorial

Solved insertion problem. 12-Jul-2009
I finaly got the row permanently inserted into the database. I changed my FirstExample.java code to the following. public class FirstExample { public static void main(String[] args) { Session session = null; try{ // This step will read hibernate.cfg.xml and prepare hibern... Hits (386110) View Tutorial

problem 12-Jul-2009
when i click on back button i can see the page.i want once i log out on the click of back button it should show that content again... Hits (41420) View Tutorial

404 Error while calling the servlet from JSP 12-Jul-2009
Please help!! I had tried the above authentication example but i get the following 404 error: type Status report message /JSPMultipleForms/Authentication description The requested resource (/JSPMultipleForms/Authentication) is not available. Any pointers?? I am using Eclipse & Tomcat.... Hits (52229) View Tutorial

Direct link 11-Jul-2009
You do not have direct link for desired path.... Hits (2923) View Tutorial

swap program failed me 11-Jul-2009
Hello i had a problem with the SWAP program. When I ran it gave me an error. This is the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at Swap.main(Swap.java:4) ... Hits (23873) View Tutorial

hi......... 11-Jul-2009
I need the code for registration and login page using struts ... Send me if u know...... soon pleaseee mail id:[email protected].. Hits (98590) View Tutorial

very good 11-Jul-2009
this web site is very usefull to every programmar&users... Hits (239341) View Tutorial

navigaton mobile 11-Jul-2009
source code for java mobile ... Hits (12608) View Tutorial

Hi! I m a B.Tech student from BBSR.I have to submit project based on core java and as I m a beginner in java I cant get perfect project for me.I m looking for a good project based on applet,swings or threads.I want some fresh and new topic for my project so i would like to know some of the topics f... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

java tutorial 11-Jul-2009
it is very good to me for leaen java... Hits (12404) View Tutorial

Key missing information 10-Jul-2009
Hi, For those who are looking to use the validate() method properly, dont forget that you have to add the error message to the applicationresources.properties file. in this case it would be something like: error.name.required=<li>Name Field is Required, Try Again</li>... Hits (391880) View Tutorial

core java project with explanation required 10-Jul-2009
sir,i have 2 subbmit a project based on core java,please provide me with a gud core java project as soon as possible.with some explanation... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

session tracking 10-Jul-2009
very helpfull information... Hits (106414) View Tutorial

Very good website 10-Jul-2009
thid web site is ver helpful for interview preparation.... Hits (562133) View Tutorial

nice help site 10-Jul-2009
this a good tutorial site. it very helpful for a java programmer.... Hits (461625) View Tutorial

Spring tutorial 10-Jul-2009
i need spring tutorial.... Hits (901465) View Tutorial

hi 10-Jul-2009
thank you for the information I gather. keep it up!... Hits (46720) View Tutorial

good 10-Jul-2009
veery good nice ... Hits (27568) View Tutorial

internal server error 500 10-Jul-2009
hi getting following error, plz help.... type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. exception javax.servlet.ServletException: org.apache.struts.util.RequestUtils.getModuleConfig(Ljavax/servlet... Hits (346143) View Tutorial

Thank You 10-Jul-2009
This is very useful to us because, thanks for creating this website... Hits (184150) View Tutorial

not a complete program 10-Jul-2009
me as a fresher student for i want to search the complete program but it is not complete... Hits (4416) View Tutorial

for example of casting 10-Jul-2009
Hi,this casting example is good but the program is needed with in simple textpad formet... Hits (134577) View Tutorial

oops concept 10-Jul-2009
hi with a breif description i undertstood lot of things regarding the oops concept...please can you send the details of the oops comcept in java with real time example... Hits (175282) View Tutorial

I have no rows in the contact table! 10-Jul-2009
Hello, I ran the example using MYSQL 5.1 and Intellij 7.5. After FirstExample.java runs I get the message "Inserting Record Done Hibernate: insert into CONTACT (FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, EMAIL, ID) values (?, ?, ?, ?)". There are no errors. When I then use Aqua Data Studio to look at the conta... Hits (386110) View Tutorial

java basics 10-Jul-2009
i have information arr ... Hits (25545) View Tutorial

new 09-Jul-2009
show me more smple code in swing like simple calculator... Hits (424659) View Tutorial

chatting application source code 09-Jul-2009
pls send this.... Hits (56244) View Tutorial

why are examples allways wrong 09-Jul-2009
public static void main(String a[]) { ZipInputStream in = null; try { in = new ZipInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(a[0]))); ZipEntry entry; while ((entry = in.getNextEntry()) != null) { BufferedOutputStream out = null; try { out... Hits (43342) View Tutorial

allways wrong 09-Jul-2009
why are examples allways wrong? public static void main(String a[]) { ZipInputStream in = null; try { in = new ZipInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(a[0]))); ZipEntry entry; while ((entry = in.getNextEntry()) != null) { BufferedOutputStream ou... Hits (43342) View Tutorial

Doubt 09-Jul-2009
Hi, I have download the following java file 1.Sending Email with Attachment But i got error when i execute this one.. Please reply me.. ... Hits (19338) View Tutorial

It works. 09-Jul-2009
"new" a FileWriter with "true" argument will open a file if it exists.... Hits (179157) View Tutorial

Thanks 09-Jul-2009
A useful example. BTW 22 / 7 is a rational number. It is an approximation to the irrational number that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, generally known as pi. ... Hits (19660) View Tutorial

A small question 09-Jul-2009
How does it make sure getUsername() method and getPassword() mehtod take the right value from the textfield in Login.jsp pages?... Hits (206982) View Tutorial

interest for all question 09-Jul-2009
good for all question. ... Hits (562133) View Tutorial

Servlet and JSP 09-Jul-2009
I am beginner java programmer. i want to know the detail of Servlet and JSP.This site is very good. Your tutorial and example is easy to understand fro beginner. thanks for your information.... Hits (168302) View Tutorial

help 09-Jul-2009
i need the from you. plz help me to write a program to display a series 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16 ..........100 and 1, 9, 25, 49.........225. plz hep me over the email. kamal... Hits (17533) View Tutorial

Create Table in SWT 09-Jul-2009
easy to understand... thanks!... Hits (8611) View Tutorial

completed projects in java 09-Jul-2009
please send a completed projects using java for my reference... Hits (112105) View Tutorial

GUI PROBLEM 09-Jul-2009
Hi All I am new to java I use jdbc and mysql Please help me with the code for VK_TAB I want to write a code for VK_TAB When i press on tab it should check the textfield . If that textfield contains no > = 6 then it should give a message "limit exceeded " or else it should create two label wi... Hits (2700) View Tutorial

Doubt in DispatchAction 09-Jul-2009
Is there any way to hide the method name in the Address bar? For e.g. If we have two methods add and delete in an application, the address bar will be displayed as: http://localhost:8080/Test_Login/loginDis.do?method=add and http://localhost:8080/Test_Login/loginDis.do?method=delete. Can we de... Hits (72845) View Tutorial

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