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Latest Progaramming Comments

goto 07-Feb-2010
thank u.i can better use the goto statement now n i understand it very good... Hits (17461) View Tutorial

xml to xml transformation 06-Feb-2010
hello mam/sir we want to know about xml to xml transformation is it possible?... Hits (18082) View Tutorial

about c 06-Feb-2010
u should give online exam paper format regarding c language on net for practicing ... Hits (14438) View Tutorial

programmer 06-Feb-2010
i passion is to know everything in java... Hits (110888) View Tutorial

PASSWORD 06-Feb-2010

delete file 06-Feb-2010
the method delete() will delete only a directory but not a file for instanse package ioDemo; import java.io.File; public class FileDemo { public static void main(String[] arg) { File f1 = new File("C:/Documents and Settings/home/Desktop/javaProgs/Test"); ... Hits (132720) View Tutorial

learning java program 06-Feb-2010
i want to learn java gui so ... Hits (38400) View Tutorial

servlet note 06-Feb-2010
goodmorning sir can you send servlet note to my mail... Hits (110888) View Tutorial

Java training 06-Feb-2010
Hi, I want to take online java training.Please let me know the process. Thanks.... Hits (18049) View Tutorial

explorer doesnt respond to me 06-Feb-2010
i have created my apps folder inside webapps folder,the i created web-inf folder underit,then classes folder under web_inf folder and web.xml folder,but when i type http://localhost:8080/apps/myservletname it gives me error something like 404,page resorce not found, please help me ... Hits (141922) View Tutorial

xml 06-Feb-2010
it is somewhat useful...Can u give the code in c#.net without tags?..... Hits (34028) View Tutorial

core java project 05-Feb-2010
i need core java project ... Hits (40480) View Tutorial

PLz send me code of sending sms from PC to mobile in JSP , i need it urgently.. Thanks in advance . [email protected].. Hits (56244) View Tutorial

can u send me the code 05-Feb-2010
can u send me the code for this particular function... Hits (64917) View Tutorial

student record 05-Feb-2010
can someone help me to develop a C++ code to a student record. the program should accept ID, Name and marks from the keyboard. then the program display the classfied marks as A, B C Or F, Recomand Pass for B score and above and recommand FAIL for the marks below B. the name and the marks should be... Hits (376042) View Tutorial

vehicle parking system 05-Feb-2010
plz send me the source code for vehicle parking system whice are front-end with j2ee and back-end with oracle... Hits (13154) View Tutorial

Help 05-Feb-2010
I made a web browser in flex, obviously it'll run in air. But to start this application I've to load that project in flex builder 1st then I can get run this program. But if I want to pun this browser in other computer how to start it directly.... Hits (32970) View Tutorial

Adding two Strings 05-Feb-2010
How can we give the string values at runtime...... Hits (96091) View Tutorial

graps 05-Feb-2010
please add more kinds of Graphs...... thank you...... Hits (74189) View Tutorial

JDBC 05-Feb-2010
thanks..for giving such a effective matter on jdbc. in my openion the driver architectures was not sufficient... thank you...... Hits (95962) View Tutorial

Flex and jee applications 05-Feb-2010
... Hits (38374) View Tutorial

great 05-Feb-2010
that is very simple and easy script... Hits (135915) View Tutorial

. 05-Feb-2010
thank you it s very useful. As am doing project in java swing lang i leart many codings here. but i would like to tell that if am able to get a java swing ebook chapter wise it ll be useful me ... Hits (601852) View Tutorial

. 05-Feb-2010
thank you it s very useful. As am doing project in java swing lang i leart many codings here. but i would like to tell that if am able to get a java swing ebook chapter wise it ll be useful me ... Hits (601852) View Tutorial

css files for this example 05-Feb-2010
where are the .css files? this http://www.roseindia.net/dojo/dijit/themes/tundra/tundra.css and this http://www.roseindia.net/dijit/themes/tundra/tundra.css took me a 404.. why don't you provide all files for download in a .zip?... Hits (56344) View Tutorial

calendar 05-Feb-2010
this does not work for me.. I don't see the calendar when I click on date.. (where are CSS files? why don't you provide all files to download in a .zip?) ... Hits (53105) View Tutorial

question re DOJO 05-Feb-2010
what is this code for? djConfig="parseOnLoad: true" in <script> tag? you need to explain, please.. (this is a tutorial, no?...;) ... Hits (56344) View Tutorial

comment 04-Feb-2010
Please develop one application with beans and loadingdrivers and write methods separately and call those methods using arraylist object with separate files... Hits (57049) View Tutorial

add authticated username to database using PHP 04-Feb-2010
how to add record to a table of login, logout time and username in PHP... Hits (4787) View Tutorial

queries 04-Feb-2010
i need some examples for all relational algebra queries pls.. help me..... Hits (9280) View Tutorial

About Screen Recorder 04-Feb-2010
hello, i want to build screen recorder and its a web base application. I Want some guidance on it.... Hits (28229) View Tutorial

struts project 04-Feb-2010
Dear Sir, i am doing my major project in j2ee using struts. will u please forward me one sample project in j2ee using struts for reference.. i am new to this struts technology.. thanks in advance.. Thanking You, Dileep... Hits (376042) View Tutorial

java 04-Feb-2010
it is super website for tutorials . Please include the .net(vb.net,asp.net) tutorials... Hits (187494) View Tutorial

Simple Bank Application in JSP 04-Feb-2010
give me a coding... Hits (31817) View Tutorial

bug in code 04-Feb-2010
while (rs.next ()){ userName=rs.getString("user"); passwrd=rs.getString("password"); } here the string objects username and password will hold the last username and password and that user name and password is getting matched with the user name and password which is inpu... Hits (65623) View Tutorial

plz confirm and check your site material 04-Feb-2010
Plz confirm! is it right? it was on this page We can not have the two trigger for a given table, which have the same trigger action time and event. For Instance : we cannot have two BEFORE INSERT triggers for same table. But we can have a BEFORE INSERT and BEFORE UPDATE trigger for a same table.... Hits (112196) View Tutorial

readLine() 04-Feb-2010
i tried encoding text to binary form.i made use of readLine() method.when it encounters the end of line ,it doesnot convert the "enter" character to its corresponding binary value and also i coudnot use read method .please help me. thanks in advance.... Hits (72143) View Tutorial

goog training 03-Feb-2010
You are providing a very goog training on struts 2. This is a very Good tutorial for novice Users. Thanks...... Hits (137384) View Tutorial

C++ program 03-Feb-2010
how we can count the number of repeted word in a string ... Hits (2403) View Tutorial

Thanks a million 03-Feb-2010
Very Simple illustration of the custom javascript validator. Keep sharing all that you know. There are ppl like us being benefitted.... Hits (189382) View Tutorial

Java Interview Questions 03-Feb-2010
This question are very important to facing the interview.... Hits (29818) View Tutorial

Java Interview Questions 03-Feb-2010
This question are very important to facing the interview.... Hits (29818) View Tutorial

ajax tutorial 03-Feb-2010
this is very good tutorial. and this help to build the confidence over ajax.... Hits (88421) View Tutorial

Help needed to concatenate the contents of a node 03-Feb-2010
Help needed to concatenate the contents of a node ... Hits (47950) View Tutorial

java 03-Feb-2010
give core & J2EE note... Hits (115483) View Tutorial

subtracting two numbers using addition in java 03-Feb-2010
pls do it for me.......... Hits (42793) View Tutorial

subtracting two numbers using addition in java 03-Feb-2010
pls do it for me.......... Hits (42793) View Tutorial

write program in Pascal to calculate Area 03-Feb-2010
I would like to know how to write a program in Pascal programmng Langauge to calculate Area of the Triangle.... Hits (72299) View Tutorial

Web Hosting Tutorial 03-Feb-2010
Please provide the Web Hosting tutorial that can be useful for dummies like me just becoz we don't know about that...... Hits (60986) View Tutorial

comment on this code 03-Feb-2010
database connectivity is not getting by using this code,i dont know what is the problem... Hits (115636) View Tutorial

intranet mailing system 02-Feb-2010
i need intranet mailing project with software requrements javascript,jsp,html... Hits (13154) View Tutorial

JspContext is not applicable for the arguments 02-Feb-2010
hi.. iam using this code in my application but had a problem in pageContext.setAttribute("tCount", tcount); error--- The method setAttribute(String, Object, int) in the type JspContext is not applicable for the arguments (String, int) ... Hits (46161) View Tutorial

jdk sofrware 02-Feb-2010
it is a software to develope the java application................. Hits (324703) View Tutorial

Interview question 02-Feb-2010
Thanks for these FAQ. these faq is good for my interview... Hits (14701) View Tutorial

Please, make a desciption about buttons. 02-Feb-2010
Dear Sir and Madam Thanks for the useful web site. I am a student from japanese college, who is studying programs hard, recent days. here i have a question. how do you use buttons with actions? I want to write a button program. which does some variable actions when buttons are pushed. The proble... Hits (36992) View Tutorial

char char 02-Feb-2010
can you help me??? can you give a samples of code in Eclipse java programming language using FOR-LOOP that can display the one inputted name into 10 times......... pleas e-mail me... Hits (1938) View Tutorial

vb sql connection 02-Feb-2010
i want to connect vb to sql... Hits (7234) View Tutorial

how to connect to databse depeding on login user 02-Feb-2010
Hi , I have to conenect to different databse depending user . Exapple: there are two databses A,B and two users X,Y. i)If user X is login then connect to database A. 2)If user Y is login then connect to database B. How can I achive this through iBatis.... Hits (2138) View Tutorial

import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; import javax.microedition.midlet.*; public class HelloWorld extends MIDlet{ private Form form; private Display display; public HelloWorld(){ super(); } public void startApp(){ form = new Form("Hello World"); String msg = "Hello... Hits (62449) View Tutorial

beginners java 02-Feb-2010
It is very nice edition and good for the beginners. ... Hits (28161) View Tutorial

Automation Tool for medical devices (embeded app) 02-Feb-2010
I am searching for suitable automation tool for medical devices. The project is comes under embeded group, the application is a window based application where some devices will be inserted and take the readings. Thinking of automating the application. Can you please let me know which tool best suits... Hits (22651) View Tutorial

java 02-Feb-2010
sir, i want to learn java,jsp,servlets,tomcat,structs,kindly help me to learn and sent ebooks and document about them... Hits (239341) View Tutorial

j2ee 02-Feb-2010
i need some code... Hits (16) View Tutorial

Struts2 01-Feb-2010
It's excellent for all.................... Hits (1000059) View Tutorial

JEE 5 01-Feb-2010
Its really fantastic!!!... Hits (75558) View Tutorial

How to make a login page using JSP 01-Feb-2010
Sir, I an new to JSP. Please help me how to create a login page. I am using Tomcat server Thankyou ... Hits (47950) View Tutorial

hello 01-Feb-2010
i want to know more about java .... Hits (33726) View Tutorial

thanks 01-Feb-2010
hi sir thanks very much ... Hits (232419) View Tutorial

java 01-Feb-2010
just download... Hits (235279) View Tutorial

networking 01-Feb-2010
Hi am prabhu from bangalore am studing about networking i need more information on networking will you please help me ... Hits (128980) View Tutorial

i am Getting File not found as output in my consol 01-Feb-2010
i am Getting File not found as output in my consol. ahve created both xml and java files in same package, I have used eclipse.Can u help me out... Hits (77964) View Tutorial

Use of count() function in XPath 01-Feb-2010
Good Example... Hits (21535) View Tutorial

Compiling C programs in VS.NET 2005 environment 01-Feb-2010
int do_openFile(void) { char *p ; /* pointer to outFileName */ char *m ; /* pointer to report date */ char *mon; /* month number in report date */ /* get output file name */ m = pk->CNCRptdate; m += 2; strncpy(mon, m, 2); p = outFileName ; strcpy(p, pi->CNDExtransit); p += 5; ... Hits (2403) View Tutorial

core java 01-Feb-2010
give notes about core java... Hits (76229) View Tutorial

its very nice product... Hits (25588) View Tutorial

This will not work 01-Feb-2010
the include tag will not work because the action is never called.... Hits (54072) View Tutorial

Technology Update 01-Feb-2010
Very good site for Technological Upgradation... Hits (94916) View Tutorial

Bus reservation system 01-Feb-2010
I need a source code for bus ticket reservation system using jsp,servlet,struts,jdbc.. please send to my mail id.. this is my mail id [email protected].. Hits (153282) View Tutorial

square block game 01-Feb-2010
hi all can any make a sqaure block game with 2 square move only rit n left with arrow key and a random backbround and when each time you hit the frame you loose 10% n you came back to center. and the game must have 3 level and time trial too it very very urgent i need it this week.... Hits (14) View Tutorial

class Person 01-Feb-2010
hi, just want to know how to create a subclass student from class person. thank you. ... Hits (48335) View Tutorial

Correction 01-Feb-2010
The line on checkLogin.jsp: <s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'"> should be updated like this: <s:if test="#session.logged-in != 'true'"> It is because in the loginAction.java the key and value put into the session was: session.put("logged-in","true"); (see loginAction.java) Please te... Hits (199782) View Tutorial

java/j2ee 01-Feb-2010
source code of super ... Hits (3014) View Tutorial

error in picture upload 01-Feb-2010
Hi I m trying to upload picture using your code but it give error like: request: [email protected] File Not Uploaded... Hits (48922) View Tutorial

JSF 31-Jan-2010
Realy very very useful to every J2EE developers... its an Intellectual site...... Hits (53254) View Tutorial

java/j2ee 31-Jan-2010
source code of super keyword... Hits (30517) View Tutorial

jdk5.0 31-Jan-2010
powerful softwares... Hits (324703) View Tutorial

Wrong contents in compiletime Polymorphism - code 31-Jan-2010
Given in the example as A obj= A(); this is wrong in this page it should be A obj= new A(); ... Hits (70619) View Tutorial

java/j2ee 31-Jan-2010
Source code of super keyword... Hits (3014) View Tutorial

Best tutorial 31-Jan-2010
This is the best tutorial i ever found in the net. Thanks a lot. Manoranjan... Hits (155738) View Tutorial

simple banking 31-Jan-2010
i am student of doeacc society and prsuing A level from there, i have project on simple banking in c++ but no documentation please provide some information on my project.My project include a/c creation,check a/c,deposit,and withdraw functions.... Hits (70306) View Tutorial

Error 31-Jan-2010
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to load bean org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.multipart.MultiPartRequest (jakarta) - [unknown location]... Hits (47327) View Tutorial

QA Engineer 31-Jan-2010
thank you for sharing this resource. Excellent work for the explanation and detail for each topic. ... Hits (51202) View Tutorial

java/j2ee 31-Jan-2010
source code ... Hits (73863) View Tutorial

merge not needed 31-Jan-2010
em.merge(stud1); is not needed because the line Student stud1 = em.find(Student.class,1); makes stud1 managed, so a commit is all you need... Hits (18770) View Tutorial

The Wrapper class does not contain constructors ?? 30-Jan-2010
I saw this wrong posting in this site in Features Of the Wrapper Classes (2nd Point).Please reply me if I am wrong . --------------------------- In my view : Wrapper classes contain contain constructors. Example : Integer x = new Integer(57); Integer x = new Integer("57"); AtomicBoolean(bo... Hits (54121) View Tutorial

output and input 30-Jan-2010
how to Convert the time entered by the user in the form of day, hours and minute to minutes. 1 day = 24 hours 1 hour = 60 minutes in to output and input??? ... Hits (2403) View Tutorial

java programe 30-Jan-2010
i got the follwing exception when i try to connect oracle 10g to weblogic8.1 in jsp file Exception: invalid character at the line PreparedStatement. request send me any example for this concept... Hits (162607) View Tutorial

get details of date 30-Jan-2010
I want to get details of date instance like day,year etc ,without used of deprecated method in java.util.Date . how can i do?... Hits (2150) View Tutorial

technician 30-Jan-2010
you have many documents,that is great and i am beginer to java i wnt to know more please help me ok.... Hits (72921) View Tutorial

to make welcome screen on time 30-Jan-2010
to make welcome screen in jsp on particular time ... Hits (71945) View Tutorial

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