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C String Remove Spaces

In this section, you will study how to remove spaces from the string.

C String Remove Spaces


In this section, you will study how to remove spaces from the string. You can see in the given example, we have define the string and passed it into two character pointers. The expression p1 = ch, resets the pointer to start. If any punctuation character or whitespace character is found in the *p1 till p1, to be not equal to 0, then ++p1 moves over a whole character otherwise copy the character using the expression *p2++ = *p1++;. The *p2 =

 0; appends the string terminator.

ispunct()- finds the punctuation character.

isspace()-finds the whitespace character.

Here is the code:


#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main() {
  char ch[80"Where there is will,there is a way.";
  char *p1 = ch;
  char *p2 = ch;
  p1 = ch;
   while(*p1 != 0) {
  if(ispunct(*p1|| isspace(*p1)) {
  *p2++ = *p1++; 
  *p2 = 0
  printf("\nAfter removing the spaces,string is:%s\n", ch);

Output will be displayed as:

Download Source Code:



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April 5, 2012
C string remove spaces

The code of trim function is very short and easy. But I want to do this two different function for example left trim and right trim. And I want to use return value is a (char *) type. I tried more than one but I always failed. Can you help me, pls?