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  1. The configuration adaptive server for unix platforms
    The operating system release levels for these platforms on which Adaptive Server is certified to execute is provided in the installation documentation or release bulletin for your platform. Before configuring Adaptive Server according to the instructions in this book, you should have a newly installed or upgraded Adaptive Server on your system. If you do not, follow the installation and upgrade instructions in the installation documentation for your platform. Adaptive Server performs data management and transaction functions, independent of client applications and user interface functions. It also: * Manages multiple databases and multiple users * Keeps track of the data's location on disks * Maintains the mapping of logical data description to physical data storage * Maintains data and procedure caches in memory
  2. The Reference Manual all volume 
    The Adaptive Server Reference Manual is a guide to Sybase(R) Adaptive Server(TM) and the Transact-SQL(R) language. This book includes information about Transact-SQL commands, built-in functions, procedures, datatypes, the system tables, expressions and identifiers, SQLSTATE errors, and reserved words. This chapter describes the Transact-SQL functions. Functions are used to return information from the database. They are allowed in the select list, in the where clause, and anywhere else an expression is allowed. They are often used as part of a stored procedure or program.
  3. The Sybase SQL server release 10.0
    Release 10.0 provides many new features, including more than 25 new system procedures. In addition, the Catalog Stored procedures are now included in the default installation procedures. The space requirements for the new system tables and system procedures would nearly double the size requirement for the master database. Since master must reside entirely on a single device, many customers would face serious problems. Release 10.0 solves this problem by removing the largest space users from master in a way that is transparent to ordinary users of SQL Server and requires a minimum of work for the System Administrator who upgrades SQL Server.  In Release 10.0, the SYBASE system procedures are stored in a new database called sybsystemprocs , rather than in the master database. 
  4. The Specialty Data Store Developer's Kit
    This book describes the interface between the Adaptive Server(TM) sds server class and an implementation of an Open Server(TM) application. Although this book refers to Adaptive Server throughout, the rules to build a Specialty Data Store(TM) that interfaces with OmniConnect(TM) are the same. A Specialty Data Store allows Adaptive Server clients to access external data as if it were stored locally in the Adaptive Server. A Specialty Data Store is an Open Server application designed to interface with the Adaptive Server. The Adaptive Server allows data from Specialty Data Stores to be joined with data from the local server, a remote server, or with other Specialty Data Stores. When a client sends a SQL statement to the Adaptive Server, the server will parse the SQL and send each Specialty Data Store the appropriate portion of the original statement. The Adaptive Server then creates a result set based on the results from all servers involved in the query. A Specialty Data Store is only concerned about access to the data it manages.

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    Posted on: April 18, 2011

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