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Database books

The Structured Query Language is used in manipulating data stored in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). SQL provides commands through which data can be extracted, sorted, updated, deleted and inserted.

Database books


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    The Structured Query Language is used in manipulating data stored in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). SQL provides commands through which data can be extracted, sorted, updated, deleted and inserted.
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    This book, SQL Server Migration Guide: Moving from Release 10.x or 4.x to Release 11.x, helps you prepare for and perform migration, as well as execute tests afterward.
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    Enterprise SQL Server Manager Reference Manual is a reference tool describing the basic syntax and usage information for every Enterprise SQL Server Manager TM command.
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    Introducing Sybase SQL Server for Workplace UNIX introduces the features and capabilities of Sybase(R) SQL Server(TM) for Workplace UNIX, an integrated set of Sybase products for developing client/server database applications.
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    The operating system release levels for these platforms on which Adaptive Server is certified to execute is provided in the installation documentation or release bulletin for your platform.
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    The Adaptive Server Reference Manual is a guide to Sybase(R) Adaptive Server(TM) Enterprise and the Transact-SQL(R) language. This book describes the "building blocks" of Transact-SQL, which are datatypes, built-in functions, expressions and identifiers, SQLSTATE errors, and reserved words.
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    This book, Introducing Sybase Workplace SQL Server, provides an overview of SQL Server Professional(TM) for Windows NT, a set of Sybase(R) products for developing and deploying relational database applications on desktop platforms.
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    This lesson provides of the Client Services Applications (CSAs) and defines how CSAs work. The Client Services feature of CICS allows you to write a Client Services Application (CSA). 
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    This chapter provides an introductory overview of each of the programming interfaces for Adaptive Server Anywhere. Any client application uses one of these interfaces to communicate with the database, and this chapter provides some guidelines to help you choose an appropriate interface for your application.
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    Workplace SQL Server is an integrated set of software products for developing and deploying relational database applications. It consists of a high-
    performance relational database management system (RDBMS), which runs database servers, and a collection of applications and libraries, which run on database clients.
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    This book describes the messages and codes that are returned by the Open Server Connect and Open Client Connect programs and related products. For each message, a probable cause and suggested course of action is provided.
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    This lesson describes how to prepare for and run an installation on a Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, AIX, or HP-UX server. If you have a previous version of e-ADK installed, it is suggested that you uninstall that version before installing the current releasKKe.
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    Enterprise Event Broker provides a collection of components that can import messages from an outside source-such as a database, application, or messaging system-convert the message.
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    This chapter introduces basic DirectConnect concepts and describes the DirectConnect Server external files. DirectConnect is an Open Server-based Sybase product that provides consistent connectivity to non-Sybase data sources.
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    SYBASE SQL Server handles all data management and transaction functions, independent of client applications and user interface functions. SQL Server manages multiple databases and multiple users, keeps track of the actual location of data on disks .
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    DirectConnect for MVS is a component of the Mainframe Connect IPS, which consists of components that provide access and integration of mainframe data. For more information about the Mainframe Connect IPS.
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    This lesson introduces basic DirectConnect concepts and outlines the globalization process. DirectConnect Anywhere is a component of the Enterprise Connect Data Access IPS, which consists of components that provide access to distributed data.
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    Monitor Client Library is part of Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor. It is an application programming interface that enables you to write client applications that connect to Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor Server (Monitor Server).
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    The AdaptiKve Server installation and configuration process defines various user roles. Different user roles have different responsibilities and privileges.
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    Oracle posesses a variety of powerful XML features. A tremendous amount of documentation exists regarding Oracle's XML features. This resource is intended to be a cheatsheet for those of us who don't have time to wade through the hundreds of pages of documentation.

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Posted on: April 1, 2008

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