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Ask Spring Questions Online

Spring is an open source application Framework for Java platform and .NET Framework.

Ask Spring Questions Online


Spring is an open source application Framework for Java platform and .NET Framework. The prime feature of Spring Framework is to address the complexity of enterprise application development that allows the developers to select components of Framework most suited to their applications. Due to its flexibility, it has become very powerful among the Java community and is being used as an alternative, or in the place of or with (Enterprise JavaBean) model.

Spring Framework is widely used by Java and .Net developers. Sometimes, you might have faced several critical problems in using spring framework. Since now, concentrate on your project and leave the burden of the problem on us. Post your questions online on our new service ‘Ask Question on Spring’ and feel free.

It will be our responsibility to provide you the correct answer. The team of our Spring professionals will solve all your queries with great efficiency. Our scholar visitors can also reply your question, as this service is open for all.

Spring is a lightweight framework for the development of an enterprise application. It can be used for configuring declarative transaction management, remote access to your logic using RMI or web services, mailing facilities and various options in persisting your data to a database. Spring framework can be used in modular fashion; it allows the developers to use any component of the Framework not the entire Framework.



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April 19, 2011

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June 25, 2011
JDBC wirh Spring

I have a question and I hope you answer it please. I want to use Spring framework with Standard jdbc like this "SELECT usernmae FROM users WHERE username='" + usename + '" Is it possible to do that I donot want to use prepared statment. It is just sample query. Thank you