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Ask Ant Questions Online

Ant or Apache Ant is an XML-based build scripting language used for automating software build processes.

Ask Ant Questions Online


Ant or Apache Ant is an XML-based build scripting language used for automating software build processes. It is similar to Make but best suited to Java projects. Ant automates comprises source code, building deployment packages and automatically checking dependencies. It is an open source software available freely under Apache software license.

Ask any questions regarding Ant if you are developing a Java project using Ant or if you are developing program or if you are just a learner. Our Ant experts, who have depth knowledge and vast experience in Apache Ant, can solve your problem within two working days. Our impudent visitors who regularly develop software using Ant or who are highly skilled in Ant coding can also solve your problem.

Ant is the project of Apache that is heavily used by heavily by the Open Source community. It automates software building process like compiling source code, building deployment packages and automatically checking dependencies of what items need to be updated in a build set. Ant uses XML to describe the build process and by default the XML file is named build.xml.


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June 22, 2011
logshipping error

hi, plz anybody reply me, i got an error of 14262 in log shipping configuration actually what i done is iam just started using sql server 2005, i configured the logshipping by using two instances of sql 2005 , instead of disabling the logshipping i deleted the jobs then again when i went to configure logshipping it is not possible i got an error of please reply me on ([email protected])
April 12, 2013
Array Manipulation

I'm writing a pc game called "flood it". i cant and have tried to update the array values as folows The aim of the game is to change all the squares into the same number. This is achieved as follows: always look at the topmost leftmost square.Suppose it is red, and it touches a square with another colour (say green). If you now click on green as your choice, the topmost leftmost square becomes green,and you have a `blob' with two green squares. Continue to grow your blob in this fashion, until the whole grid is lled with the same coloured squares. Or,in other words, you must ood the board by alternating between the di erent colours. If the user nishes within a certain number of moves, the user wins, otherwise he looses. Here is an example of the game: Flood It. There are a lot of strategies available surrounding this game on the web. Wikipedia has a whole section on ood- ll methods here: Flood-Fill. We recommend that you spend some time playing the web-based version of Flood-It, to familiarise yourself with its rule