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This page discusses - Submit Your Article

Submit Your Article


Submitting Your Articles to the articles search engines are an important step towards popularizing your articles. Submitting your articles brings Traffic & Profits for you, so you should strongly consider to submit your articles to many Articles databases. We have compiled a list of Best Articles Distribution Services Available on the web. 

There are many benefits of writing and submitting articles:

  • You articles is unique content for your web site. This is very important in for search engine placement.
  • Articles brings traffic to your web site
  • Syndicating your new content on other websites can give you valuable one-way links 
  • With the help of articles you will get targeted traffic from users who reads your articles 
  • You link popularity will increase

Here are best Links to Submit Your Articles

    A comprehensive collection of free articles available online. Authors around the world are free to publish their articles for free.

  2. Submit Your Article to thousands of  Publishers Automatically, In Seconds
    In the next few moments I'm going to show you how to massively increase your website sales by allowing you to submit articles to THOUSANDS of eZines and large related websites, quite literally in seconds. All this is completely automated; giving your business world-wide exposure without the time consuming nonsense of having to submit articles one at a time. If you are not submitting articles already then please understand that this is THE most effective marketing tool available on the internet today. Top internet guru Jim Edwards reckons that ONE article submitted to 100 eZines and on-line newsletters can produce $100,000 in sales. On-line articles last longer than in magazines because search engines will find all web pages containing articles related to a subject, irrespective of the age of the article.
  3. How to do sonthing
    Concisely and articulately give advice on how to do something. Although many of our writers are highly regarded experts, you don't have to be a law school graduate to get your articles published. As long as you know how to do something that someone else doesn't, and you have the ability to convey your insight with words, you are qualified.
  4. Submission Article
    We only accept business-related articles, including how-to articles, book excerpts, "how I did it" success stories, tips and hints, instructions, motivational articles and other articles that will help our audience gain knowledge and succeed in their home business or small business endeavor. Articles submitted that are not business-related will not be published. We cover broad subject areas including home-based business, home office, small business, business planning, home-based business ideas, sales & marketing, human resources, legal and accounting issues, management, leadership and productivity, doing business online, internet marketing and web site promotion, internet and e-commerce business strategies, and book reviews.
  5. How to submit The Article
    Because there is a LOT of crap being submitted here, I have uploaded this special report which explains the correct way to submit articles anywhere on the Internet. Due to the large volume of articles being submitted, we have set up a seperate site in order to process articles faster. Original articles by original authors. No generic articles with affiliate links in resource box. No Affiliate Links within the article body. HTML is not required. Submit article in plain text only. Do not preformat the text in any way. We format the article ourselves.
  6. Submit Your Article with different category
    Submit your articles for distribution, publication and promotion. Submit your articles to any one of our article categories. Submitting articles has become one of the most popular means of generating quality back links and targeted traffic to you website. Submit your articles to receive free syndication from RSS feeds we publish, traffic from published articles on the site. Submit your articles using one of the paid submissions services or manually submit your articles here by signing up as an author.
  7. The Articles supporting the best aspects of public relations.
    About Public Relations assists PR newcomers, job seekers, as well as seasoned professionals, with a collection of links and articles supporting the best aspects of public relations. If you have something to contribute along these lines, you are invited to submit your work to our Public Relations pages. For feature articles, guest writers receive a byline, a short biography, and a link to the writer's website if desired.
  8. Post a comment or submit your article, participate
    Would you like to share your knowledge or opinions with the other members of this site? Post a comment in response to one of our posts or submit your article through this form and it may be chosen as a feature for our homepage and included in our growing Logistics and Supply Chain article archive.
  9. Article Submission form
    Consider posting your article in our Automated Blog Section. You can post your article immediately on the Blog site with images and hyperlinks. Typically we have a backlog of articles to post, and we may not be able to publish your article for a few days to a week. Because of the volume of submissions, we may not inform you of your article placement. To post on our site please be sure that your article is substantive and at least 300 words long.  We are always looking for original content. 
  10. Submit your article for Self SEO
    Self SEO is the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge with others and get some more promotion for your website or services. If you have quality content, we will gladly publish it along with an info box about you and a link to your website. We accept only internet and computer related articles that contain useful information or tips for our readers. Please do not submit "articles" that contain nothing but self-promotion or press releases.
  11. Article Factory
    We are pleased to inform you about another way that you can increase your on-line exposure. You may already be aware of our online library of articles, but you may not be aware that you can submit your own articles to be published.
  12. Article Submitter Pro
    Article Submitter Pro has taken nearly a full year to produce, and was painstakingly created, code by code, through the shear genius of Hubert Daul, a master programmer. Article Submitter Pro is no light weight by any stretch of the imagination. Everything you need to submit articles automatically is in the software, and is guaranteed to work flawlessly every time.
  13. To Submit Article
    On-line submission is now available for The Economic Journal, and is the preferred form for receiving submissions. Submission is free to members of the Royal Economic Society. Non-members who wish to submit a paper must join the Society: for details on joining, click on ?Membership? and see information. For more details and instructions on submitting a paper, see our on-line submission page.  If you are unable to access this link, please contact the editorial office at the email address provided above.
  14. Submit content
    Although may seem like any other article directory you have visited before, it is anything but. What you see at is just the ?mother page? of a network consisting of about 1500 Content sites, all connected to each other. This mean that when you submit your article here at your article will be distributed to all relative sites within our network, all which are specific niche content sites. In other words, when you submit your article it just might be seen on hundreds of other websites connected to
  15. Submission Artucle
    By submitting on this form, there may be a delay of articles going "live" by several days. If you wish to have your articles live within 48 hours, please click here and submit as a guest. (This saves us inputting time). We are making many changes to our website during the month of August of 2005. If you note missing graphics or changes each time you return, please do not be concerned.
  16. Submit Article in Bulk
    Do you have more than one article to submit to us? And you find it cumbersome to be filling out the submission form over and over again? Well, we've got good news. You can now submit your articles to us in bulk without having to use the submission form. All you need to do is download our template file and follow the instructions provided therein. As soon as you have formatted your articles using our template, you can send them to us by email. No more forms to fill out.
  17. Submit Article Now
    Article directories are a great way to get a business recognized. A business owner who seems informed about their business and their customers will get a boost in sales. People like to buy from someone who knows what they are doing. Writing articles lets customers know the business owner is doing more than selling a product, they are selling a product they understand and believe in. I think the most easy way to get free traffic on your website is to submit your own written articles on different websites. Visitors daily read new articles and are happy to visit author's website. I do the same and i am getting much better traffic than any other promotional method.
  18. How to Publish your Article
    If you have special relvent knowledge or tips to share with us, we would love to post your article on Follow our simple registration process one time and you are free to post an unlimited number of articles. You MUST be the author, or a representative of the author, of any articles you submit. Author bylines (resource box) MUST be included at the BOTTOM of the article and should not exceed 6-8 lines. You may include 1 website link.
  19. Submit your articles on ArakkalNet online article directory FREE!
    Your articles for inclusion in our online article directory. We accept well-written articles, tips and hints, instructions, and other articles that will help our audience gain knowledge and succeed in their selected categories or area. However, we do not guarantee that all articles will be included. We will review your article for appropriateness and quality and if approved, you'll be notified via e-mail. We do not accept articles that are primarily advertisements or sales pitches.



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