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If You Prefer A Writer Having The Finest Credentials And Highest Qualifications, Check This Out!

This page discusses - If You Prefer A Writer Having The Finest Credentials And Highest Qualifications, Check This Out!

If You Prefer A Writer Having The Finest Credentials And Highest Qualifications, Check This Out!


Everyone needs a source of inspiration for getting themselves charged up to accomplish their task. If you are looking for some extremely inspirational words, you need to look no further than your Bible. This is the first Roman verse and it contains some very important documents beautified by words which are extremely weighty and significant. This book conveys a very simple, clear yet significant message which says that if you want to get right with your God, you must first of all learn and understand the best and right approach of doing it.

Initial eight chapters of the Bible are concerned with the salvation that is worked by god and the remaining eight are concerned with teaching us the way through which salvation actually works. Chapters from 9 th one to 11 th one deal with God's plan regarding Jews, regarding Israel and the past rejection of these people for allowing Gentiles like us to enter the God's kingdom, their current position and a hope about the future that one good day all Israel will be restored and saved.

The letter below deals with salvation and rescuing ourselves with the help of God's grace and mercy. It is one complete and comprehensive salvation. In earlier days, it was common to begin an article with the writer's name and it seemed sensible too. If we convert it into a modern letter concerned with business, it would look like the following.

Paul describes about huge themes, but we can also find brotherly greetings coming from Christ. It is definitely more than simply formal. The following letter is addressed to all the beloved Jesus Christ disciples by a brother. It has been inked in Corinth as well as carried by Phoebe, a deaconess. The letter begins with Paul's introduction, qualifications and credentials. Three miracles can be found in the opening words. PAUL - a Jew by birth ? he is also the Pharisees' Pharisee ? and is also designated Saul after Israel's first king but he still decided to adopt the name Paul, a Greek Gentile designation.

Then we come across a SLAVE. Paul, though a university returned scholar and religious aristocrat, paid the price for buying Jesus Christ's blood. Roman Empire gave no rights to slaves who were about 60 million in number out of the Roman population of 120 million. Paul introduces himself in the form of Jesus Christ's servant. Paul believes that his reason for existence is to accomplish the Messiah's search and after finding Christ he believes he has found his Messiah as being Christ's slave is much better than being a slave of other things like ambition, drugs, alcohol, money, temporary success, etc.

Then he says that he obeyed the God's or Jesus Christ's CALL unlike many others who never pay heed to godly calls. He says that people get CALLED for getting BELONGED and they get BELONGED for OBEYING.

Then he is called as the Christian missile, missionary or the ?Apostle', meaning ?the sent one'. But we must understand that APOSTLESHIP comes only after GRACE, which means that some people are separated, different and set apart from others only to be used by God. Such a calling is a God's act. Like Paul, we are also separated for God's Gospel. Gospel is God's good news which means separating people FROM and FOR the others to get it right with themselves as also with God. It signifies being saved, washed, forgiven, and cleansed and getting reincarnated to everlasting and eternal life. This is not only a good advice but also good news.

Paul's task was to submit articles through which people's faith in God will increase.



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Discuss: If You Prefer A Writer Having The Finest Credentials And Highest Qualifications, Check This Out!  

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