What is R programming language?



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What is R programming language?
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What is R programming language?

How R programming language is used in real programming? People around the world is taking about R programming language.

Why this programming language is very host and what are it uses?


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June 24, 2017 at 11:36 AM


R Programming is not new but its old programming language which is used mostly for statistical computing.

Due to huge demand of processing the data by different industry its value has increased. This programming language is used in Data science and Big Data analytics.

This programming language is very powerful and used for:

Data Manipulation:

R Programming language provides tools for analyzing and formatting the data into a format which can be easily used for data analysis. This is one of the few tool of such kind.

Data Analysis:

R Programming language comes with more than 4000 packages with various mathematical techniques for analysis of data.

Data Visualization:

It provides various graphs and charts for proper visualization of data.

Apart from above functionality you can see R Programming language as:

  • Data analysis software for analysis of data

  • Great programming language for statistical analysis

  • Open source software project which can be used in variety of projects

  • Best software used all over the world by statisticians, data analysts and data scientists

Check R Programming tutorials for learn it for free.


June 24, 2017 at 11:39 AM


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