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Java Swing Drag drop
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September 3, 2008 at 3:03 PM

Hi friend,

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.datatransfer.*;

import java.awt.dnd.*;
import java.awt.dnd.peer.*;
import java.awt.dnd.DropTarget;
import javax.swing.*;

public class DragDrop implements DragGestureListener, DragSourceListener,
DropTargetListener, Transferable {

static final DataFlavor[] supportedFlavors = {null};

static {
try {
supportedFlavors[0] = new DataFlavor(DataFlavor.javaJVMLocalObjectMimeType);
} catch (Exception ex) {
Object object;
// Transferable methods.
public Object getTransferData(DataFlavor flavor) {
if (flavor.isMimeTypeEqual(DataFlavor.javaJVMLocalObjectMimeType)) {
return object;
} else {
return null;

public DataFlavor[] getTransferDataFlavors() {
return supportedFlavors;

public boolean isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor flavor) {

return flavor.isMimeTypeEqual(DataFlavor.javaJVMLocalObjectMimeType);
// DragGestureListener method.
public void dragGestureRecognized(DragGestureEvent ev) {
ev.startDrag(null, this, this);
// DragSourceListener methods.
public void dragDropEnd(DragSourceDropEvent ev) {

public void dragEnter(DragSourceDragEvent ev) {

public void dragExit(DragSourceEvent ev) {

public void dragOver(DragSourceDragEvent ev) {
object = ev.getSource();

public void dropActionChanged(DragSourceDragEvent ev) {
// DropTargetListener methods.
public void dragEnter(DropTargetDragEvent ev) {

public void dragExit(DropTargetEvent ev) {

public void dragOver(DropTargetDragEvent ev) {

public void dropActionChanged(DropTargetDragEvent ev) {

void dropTargetDrag(DropTargetDragEvent ev) {

public void drop(DropTargetDropEvent ev) {
try {
Object target = ev.getSource();
Object source = ev.getTransferable().getTransferData(supportedFlavors[0]);

Component component = ((DragSourceContext) source).getComponent();

Container oldContainer = component.getParent();
Container container = (Container) ((DropTarget) target).getComponent();
catch (Exception ex) {

September 3, 2008 at 3:05 PM

public static void main(String[] arg) {
Button button = new Button("Drag this button");
Label label = new Label("Drag this label");
Checkbox checkbox = new Checkbox("Drag this check box");
CheckboxGroup radiobutton = new CheckboxGroup();
Checkbox checkbox1 = new Checkbox("Drag this check box", radiobutton, false);
Choice country = new Choice();

// adding possible choices

Frame source = new Frame("Source Frame");
source.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

JFrame target = new JFrame("Target Frame");
target.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

DragDrop dndListener = new DragDrop();

DragSource dragSource = new DragSource();
DropTarget dropTarget1 = new DropTarget(source, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY,dndListener);

DropTarget dropTarget2 = new DropTarget(target, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY,dndListener);

DragGestureRecognizer dragRecognizer1 = dragSource.createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer(button, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY, dndListener);
DragGestureRecognizer dragRecognizer2 = dragSource.createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer(label, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY, dndListener);
DragGestureRecognizer dragRecognizer3 = dragSource.createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer(checkbox, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY, dndListener);
DragGestureRecognizer dragRecognizer4 = dragSource.createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer(checkbox1, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY, dndListener);
DragGestureRecognizer dragRecognizer5 = dragSource.createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer(country, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY, dndListener);

source.setBounds(0, 200, 200, 200);
target.setBounds(220, 200, 200, 200);



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