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Struts + HTML:Button not workin
1 Answer(s)      5 years and a month ago
Posted in : Struts


I am new to struts. So pls bare with me if my question is fundamental.
I am trying to add 2 Submit buttons in same JSP page.
As a start, i want to display a message when my actionclass is called.

JSP code
<td><html:submit property="button_clicked">
<bean:message key="button.add"/></html:submit>
<td><html:submit property="button_clicked">
<bean:message key="button.delete"/></html:submit>

The above statement displays "null";

I have defined button_clicked in bean class.
I thought when i click ADD button, button_clicked will be set to key of
"button.add" and i can check accordingly in action class.
But it displays null. Please let me know what needs to be corrected.
OR Should i use 2 HTML TAG BUTTON's here instead of 2 HTML TAG SUBMIT's?

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March 11, 2010 at 10:28 AM

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