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the Action Mapping specified
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How is the Action Mapping specified ?

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the Action Mapping specified
the Action Mapping specified  How is the Action Mapping specified
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Mapping Application The mapping is done within an action file called..., their corresponding action class and results returned from the Action class. Before mapping... can also specify the name of the method of an action class in mapping as <
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Set the mapping name
;  3. Set the mapping name to the action attribute of html... mappings. The attribute of the action mapping can be added or removed and a new mapping can be created while the action class remains the same. 
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Set the mapping name
Set the action name        2. Set the action name to the action attribute...; <tr>  <td>  <html:link action
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Understanding Struts Action Class
-config.xml file (action mapping is show later in this page). Here is code...) throws java.lang.Exception Action Class process the specified... - if the application business logic throws an exception Adding the Action Mapping in the struts
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ActionTag .jsp as follows. If the executeResult=?true? is specified in the action tag...Struts2.2.1 Action Tag Example The Action tag  is used to call action class directly from a JSP page. We can call action directly by specifying
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Struts 2 Action Tag
Struts 2 Action Tag "action" Tag in Struts 2 is used by developer to call action class from a JSP page. For calling the action class, developer must assign action name. Struts 2 Action Tag is one of the Data Tags, which are used
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")); } ...  and the action mapping will be as ...; Notice that in the first action mapping, there is no form bean while...STRUTS ACTION - AGGREGATING ACTIONS IN STRUTS
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", "Komal"}; // create list for the specified array of employee. List
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action tag  Is possible to add parameters to a struts 2 action tag? And how can I get them in an Action Class. I mean: xx.jsp Thank you
Struts2 Actions
When a client's request matches the action's name, the framework uses the mapping from struts.xml file to process the request. The mapping to an action is usually generated by a Struts Tag.    Struts 2 Redirect Action
Hibernate Mapping Many-to-Many Example
Hibernate Mapping Many-to-Many Example  How does many to many...-drop</property> <!-- Mapping files --> <mapping class="net.roseindia.table.Course" /> <mapping class