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struts.xml - Struts
struts.xml  I have tried again and again, but somehow, my web.xml is not able to find struts.xml. Where should I be placing struts.xml?? The filter tags in web.xml are correct. Thanx
struts.xml in struts2
struts.xml in struts2  What is the struts.xml file ? Who it is loads?   Hi Samar, The struts.xml is a XML file. Which is used to struts... the configuration file (struts.xml) to initialize its resources such as interceptors, actions
namespace in struts.xml file - Struts
namespace in struts.xml file  i not understand how namespace work in struts.xml file Struts Problem Report Struts has detected an unhandled exception: Messages: There is no Action mapped for namespace / and action name
Struts Configuration file - struts.xml
Struts Configuration file - struts.xml       In this section we will introduce you to the struts.xml file. This section explains you how best you can use the struts.xml file for you big projects
Configuring Interceptors in struts.xml 
to be used in the web application is declared in the struts.xml file... that file in the struts.xml file. The Configuration of Interceptors in the struts.xml file is as follows:- <package name="default" extends
Add configuration in struts.xml file
Add configuration in struts.xml file Struts uses the configuration file (struts.xml) to initialise  its resources such as interceptors, actions... files is used to prepare views, templates and velocity. The struts.xml file
what does mean of method("1") in below struts.xml file
what does mean of method("1") in below struts.xml file  Hi, here is my code /register.jsp /register.jsp /success.jsp
Configuring in struts.xml file 
Configuring in struts.xml file Configuration file-- It is a XML file that is holds all the configuration related information of a web application...;/welcome-file-list> </web-app> struts.xml <?xml version="1.0
Struts 2 Interceptor Example
(fieldName)} is Required struts.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding
Struts2 Actions
Struts2 Actions       Struts2 Actions When a client's request matches the action's name, the framework uses the mapping from struts.xml file to process the request. The mapping to an action
Struts 2 Hello World Annotation Example
struts.xml file in the project class path.   We have a well defined... developing the code: Here we won't create any struts.xml file in the project
Can anybody tell me how to use #parameters in struts 2 ?
Can anybody tell me how to use #parameters in struts 2 ?  I have a login page, And by using struts.xml and #parameters I want to display error message if there is any error in login. Ex : struts.xml welcomePage.tiles /jsp
Struts   in struts I want two struts.xml files. Where u can specify that xml files location and which tag u specified
Struts2.0 - Struts
Struts2.0  Hi, How wrote separate Form (not in Action) so define bean tag in struts.xml ( struts2.0) how map dat bean to tag... plz any one help me... thanks& regards kalyani
Validation  1)where sohould we place struts.xml 2)where should we place validation.xml fies 3)Which is the main controller that acts as a servlet:please brief me about the different controller in S2
How to use Token Interceptor - Struts
in action tag of struts.xml When i click the button first time itself it shows error.jsp I havent made any changes other than struts.xml to implement Token
Struts Advance Action Classes Actually configuration in struts.xml file is very important, because the struts2 framework does a lots of work easily... in struts.xml is also very important. This file is responsible to access the correct
url validation in struts2
\struts.xml,C:\Struts2URLValidation\webRoot\WEB-INF\classes,lib,please sugest me
Struts2 netbeans 6.5.1 application problen - Framework
put struts.xml file so application run smoothaly
struts and hibernate
struts and hibernate  i am new in advanced java technology and i am getting confuse myself struts tags are used in the front face of the page and also struts.xml file is work in background so what we can say its front end or back
Struts 2 : Http Status Error 404 - Struts
: ------------------------- struts.xml...; Hi friend, Please check the struts.xml file
help - Struts
help, thans! information: struts.xml HelloWorld.jsp...   Hi friend, Do Some changes in struts.xml
Advance Struts Action
is not only important. The action class must be mapped well in struts.xml file..., this can be done in struts.xml file. The framework also provides some different
Struts 2 Action Tag
will be displayed as result processor defined for this action in struts.xml will be ignored
Struts2 Helloworld problem -Please help - Struts
" Insert title here 5. Created the Struts.xml under "WebContent\WEB-INF\struts.xml" with the below contents.... When I inclued namespace="/" in struts.xml, I could find the following
Action Tag (Data Tag) Example
in struts.xml will be ignored, unless the executeResult parameter is specified. Add the following code snippet into the struts.xml file. struts.xml <action
Configuring Actions in Struts application
into the struts.xml file for action mapping. Before mapping action let I introduce you with the some elemets of struts.xml for action mapping. <struts>  <... a complete struts.xml file is given below struts.xml <?xml version="1.0"
Mapping Application
in struts.xml you first need to map the struts filter in web.xml file as ...;/filter-mapping> Then after map the action class and views in struts.xml... the method in the action class. A simple struts.xml file is given below <
Exception handling through Struts - Struts
/ErrorPage.jsp and I have also made global-exception entry into my struts.xml file
Struts 2.0 - Struts
! Struts.xml
struts2 - Framework
files .......... struts.xml --------- copied .......... web.xml