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What are the different modules in Spring framework?
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What are the different modules in Spring framework?


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May 3, 2013 at 5:00 PM


In Spring framework there are various types of modules available. These are as belows

Core container module : The Key functionality is provided by this module Application context module : As we know Spring is a framework and these module extends the condepts of BeanFactory. AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) Module: In this monude is utilized the aspects of Spring based on applications. JDBC Abstraction and DAO Module: In this module we make database cide fir cleaned and keep problems at the closing time of database resources. O/R mapping Integration module: This module is utilized to make a tie up with ORM tools such as hibernate. Web Module: In this model we create a web based applications. MVC framework Module: This Spring MVC module is used for Spring Framework well integrates with other framework.

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