Arul Kumar Alrasu
libodbc++ is stable? Can I use it in my production project? Is it has bugfix support?
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I want to connect to MS SQL Server from C++ from Linux environment(unixODBC). The following options are available.

1.libodbc++ : Is it stable? Can i use it for my project without any risk like memory leak or any other problems in library code. Can I get help if there is any problems? It comes under LGPL licenses.

2.OTL : I think the Licenses for this is owned by single person, so we cannot get help for bug fixes immediately.

3.SQLAPI++: It is not an open source. So I don't want to use it.

4.SOCI ( BOOST-LIKE) : It comes under Boost licenses, but it is not a boost library. So we are not confident to use this library.

So I m thinking to write own C++ library on top C language - libodbc library.

Could you please suggest me?


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