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sql query
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hi friend, Im doing a project,in that a main id called mid,that main id carries some sub ids which is sid one mid carries so many numbers of sids.i want to delete the sid based on the mid.for that i need sql query plz help to me.

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sql query  hi friend, Im doing a project,in that a main id... numbers of sids.i want to delete the sid based on the mid.for that i need sql query plz help to me
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sql query  hi friend, Im doing a project,in that a main id... numbers of sids.i want to delete the sid based on the mid.for that i need sql query plz help to me
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sql query  hi friend, Im doing a project,in that a main id... numbers of sids.i want to delete the sid based on the mid.for that i need sql query plz help to me
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