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Help with SELECT/JOIN statement
0 Answer(s)      6 years ago
Posted in : SQL

I have two tables (t1 and t2) that each have the same columns. t1 has data and t2 has changes to the data. I want a select statement that will return me all rows of t1 but, when =, I want the columns of t2 instead of t1. I am using Postgres.

id  | name  | value
1   | joe   | 3 
2   | bob   | 5 
3   | ted   | 7

id  | name  | value
2   | lyn   | 99

I would like a SQL statement that will give me the result:

id  | name  | value
1   | joe   | 3 
2   | lyn   | 99 
3   | ted   | 7

Thank you


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