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php timezone function



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php timezone function
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Posted in : PHP
how can i change the timezone using PHP
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php timezone function
php timezone function  how can i change the timezone using PHP
timezone_abbreviations_list() Function in PHP timezone_abbreviations_list... on failure. Syntax of timezone_abbreviations_list() Function in PHP staticarray... ) Examples on timezone_abbreviations_list() Function in PHP <?php
timezone_name_from_abbr() Function PHP timezone_name_from_abbr function... or False on failure. Syntax of timezone_name_from_abbr() Function PHP timezone..._from_abbr() Function PHP abbr - Time zone abbreviation. gmtOffset
timezone_location_get() Function in PHP timezone_location_get alias... of timezone_location_get() Function in PHP This function has no parameters... on timezone_location_get() Function in PHP: <?php $tz = new DateTimeZone
date_timezone_set() in PHP date_timezone_set alias DateTime::setTimezone... the modified DateTime.  Syntax on date_timezone_set() PHP public... DateTimeZone objects <?php date_default_timezone_set('India/Kolkata
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PHP timezone_identifiers_list() Function timezone_identifiers_list alias... $country = NULL ]] ) Parameters of timezone_identifiers_list() Function PHP... of timezone_identifiers_list() Function PHP <?php $timezone_identifiers
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  date_default_timezone_set date_default_timezone_set function sets the default timezone used by all date/time functions in a script. This function... time like India/Kolkata.  Examples <?php date_default_timezone
 date_default_timezone_get date_default_timezone_get  function... ( void ) This function returns the default timezone in order of preference like...() function (if any) Reading the timezone environment variable (if non empty
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