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Java files
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i want to get an example on how to develop a Java OO application which reads, analyses, sorts, and displays student project marks. In particular, the application should do the following:
1. Load a list of student mark records from a plain-text file in Comma-separated-
value (CSV) format. The input files are structured as follows:
ˆ one student record per line
ˆ all lines starting with a hash symbol (#) are comments and should be
ignored by the application
ˆ the first field is the student number
ˆ the second field is a timestamp in a long format
(as used by e.g. System.currentTimeMillis())
ˆ the last field is a string comment
ˆ all other fields are student marks in float format. Note that the number
of marks may be different for each student record (i.e. line)
The name of the CSV file to read must be given on the command line (the user
should not be asked for it)
2. All student records should be parsed from the file, and kept in appropriate
objects (e.g. a Marks class) within your application
3. The application should output the following in a properly formatted list:
(a) student number
(b) minimum mark of each student
(c) maximum mark of each student
(d) average mark of each student
4. Based on a second command-line parameter, the above list should be sorted
according to different criteria:
Char in 2nd paramameter Sort Order
S Sorted ascending by student number
s Sorted decending by student number
M Sorted ascending by average marks
m Sorted decending by average marks
N Sorted ascending by the number of different marks available
n Sorted decending by the number of different marks available
If the second command-line parameter contains more than one of the above
characters, those should be used as primary, secondary, tertiary, etc. sorting keys according to the order in which they were given. the whole system must make use of polymophism
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November 11, 2010 at 1:41 AM

Ramu 35,45,55 sudher 20,45,56 .... ... This data in text file how to read the data this one and calclate each person and send the result in another file like Ramu pass 55% sudher fail using JAVA How to write the program


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