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Hp scanner
0 Answer(s)      4 years and 9 months ago
Posted in : Java Beginners

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Hp scanner - Java Beginners
Hp scanner  Hi guys, i would like to access hp scanner using java programme. could you refer me some useful information to proceed
Scanner   Hi, I am facing a problem in the following code as what should be the while condition I should use in order to get the loop keep running...= "Celsius"; do { Scanner temp_ip= new Scanner(
Scanner class
Scanner class  what have to do when an error occur about Scanner class.i code scanner sc=new Scanner(; but it shows an error regarding this.   Use Scanner sc=new Scanner(
Scanner class
Scanner class  import java.util.*; class Dd { public static void main(String args[]) { Scanner sc=new Scanner(; int... Scanner class was introduced in java 5
scanner program
scanner program  a news paper boy purchase 100 papers every day.he purchases papers at Rs.1.50 and sells at Rs.2.00 at each.any unsold news papers... his profit..using scanner
without scanner
and class and didn't use the scanner .   Hi Friend, Whether
HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit
HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit       The HP OpenCall Voice Application Developer Toolkit..., seamlessly integrated with HP OCMP SDK's capabilities. The HP OCMP platform
scanner - Java Beginners
scanner   how to ask user to enter index in arry using scanner
scanner problem - Java Beginners
scanner problem  the program that enters sides of the triangle using scanner and outputs the area of triangle  Hi Friend, We... main(String []args){ Scanner scanner = new Scanner(
scanner Class Error - Java Beginners
scanner Class Error  Hello Sir ,When i run the program of Scanner Class ,there is Error Can not Resolve Symbol-Scanner how i can solve..., Scanner class is not provided. Check your version.It should work with java 1.5
How to attach file to HP Quality Center [QC] using java
How to attach file to HP Quality Center [QC] using java  Hello All, Do any one know how to upload attachments to QC Test Case Run Instance using java In QC we have <BR> Test Lab<BR> |_Test Set Instcance<
not wish to use the scanner class Is there anything i can do to improve
Java file scanner
Java file scanner In this section, you will learn how to read a file using Scanner class. Description of code: J2SE5.0 provides some additional classes.... It also parses the primitive data. Scanner class gives a great deal of power
barcode scanner device usage in database application
barcode scanner device usage in database application  Am trying to design a supermarket inventory desktop database application however I can't seem to know how to use a barcode scanner device on my application can anyone put me
Pattern,Matcher,Formatter and Scanner classes
Pattern,Matcher,Formatter and Scanner classes This section Describes : 1... using the Formatter and Scanner classes and the PrintWriter.format/printf..., n) Formatted input The scanner API provides basic input
with out using scanner mul two matrices
with out using scanner mul two matrices  write a java program to multiply two matrices and print there result. note: don't use the scanner and the values is passed at run time....   import*; class
input using scanner and add/sub/mul/div of a matrix
input using scanner and add/sub/mul/div of a matrix  hiiii...... performe matrix add/sub/mul/div using scanner
Creating a File I/O using import scanner, io.* and text.*
Creating a File I/O using import scanner, io.* and text.*  open a file for reading and open another file for writing data. input file hours-int, hourly rate-double, name-string. output file name-string, hours-int, hourly rate
can we use scanner class,class , object and methods to get output without using constructor ????
can we use scanner class,class , object and methods to get output without using constructor ????  im getting error here..i hav used scanner class... am i getting error here... can we get output using scanner class , object
Summary - Scanner
Java: Summary - Scanner The main use of java.util.Scanner is to read values from or a file. Many Scanner methods fit a simple pattern: nextXYZ..., but Scanner also supports BigDecimal, BigInteger, Float (returns float), Boolean (returns
Console Input: Scanner
Java NotesConsole Input: Scanner The java.util.Scanner class (added... eventually have a GUI user interface, but Scanner is very useful for reading data... the name. Scanner in = new Scanner(; //... Prompt
Local Port Scanner
Local Port Scanner       This is a simple program of java network. Here, we are going to define class named "LocalPortScanner" in which we use ServerSocket class
Low port Scanner
Low port Scanner       In this section, you will learn how to get local port number of the local machine. Here, we define the name of program LowPortScanner
How to read from the console
Description: Scanner was introduced in jdk 1.5. This class help in taking the input from the console. Here in this sample program it will take one word...;sc = new Scanner(cons.reader());     
IDE       HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit   The HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP... development environment, seamlessly integrated with HP OCMP VoiceXML SDK's
How to Read file line by line in Java program
in Java using Scanner Class: Besides the Buffer reader, using Scanner class.... The benefit of using Scanner class is that it has more utilities like nextInt... line by line using Scanner Class: package ReadFile; import
Java read text file
; + e.getMessage()); } } } The other way to Read file line by line is by using Scanner Class. The benefit of using Scanner class is that we do not need to convert... hasNextLine() method to read the contents of a file line by line. Scanner
SimScan       SimScan (Similarity Scanner) is a utility we have developed internally to find duplicated or similar fragments of code in large Java source
Database books Page12
Database books Page12       The installation guide of e-ADK This lesson describes how to prepare for and run an installation on a Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, AIX, or HP
Java char to string
is using Scanner class. In this section we have also used BufferReader to convert...;. In Scanner class example, we have used toString() method, which reads a character.../user at the run time. Scanner class then reads the input from
VoIP Residential
VoIP Residential          Introduction of VoIP residential The HP Residential Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution allows service providers to deliver
Swapping of two numbers in java
have used input.nextInt() method of Scanner class for getting the integer type...:"); Scanner in = new Scanner(; a = in.nextInt
object oriented program.. - Java Beginners
/horsepower/0.7 where horsepower can range from 200 to 700 hp, and weight can range from... static void main(String[]args){ Scanner input=new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter horse power for car 1 between the range 200 to 700 hp
Open Source Point of sale
HP Bundles, Brands its Turnkey Point-of-Sale System Small-scale... the latest news coming out of HP today. The company announced its first integrated point-of-sale (POS) system featuring HP-branded peripherals that run
How to read PDF files created from Java thru VB Script
How to read PDF files created from Java thru VB Script  We have created the PDF file thru APache FOP but when we are unable to read the data thru QTP(it's an HP Automation tool). Do u have any addin's to install with QTP
This results in a FAST and LIGHT WEIGHTED printing solution for your java application. It support all major printer control command sets (HP-PCL, EPSON-ESC, IBM-Proprinter). Most printer are normally compatible wiht one
java query
java query  why do we use scanner class
Tooltip Alignment
. function show(item,name,address,age,gender,pon,transerial){ hp... hide(){ hp = document.getElementById("div"); = "Hidden
Tooltip alignment
. function show(item,name,address,age,gender,pon,transerial){ hp...(){ hp = document.getElementById("div"); = "Hidden
how to get small rectangular box or small window - JSP-Servlet
, Try the following code: function show(item,message){ hp..."; } function hide(){ hp = document.getElementById("div");
ToolTip Code - Design concepts & design patterns
,address,age,gender){ hp = document.getElementById("div"); hp.innerHTML = "Name... = "Visible"; } function hide(){ hp = document.getElementById("div
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Header file
Header file  when we use, Scanner input=new Scanner(; this statement in a java program,which header filemust be imported to the program?   Hi Friend, Import the package java.util.*; Thanks
student details
student details  create an application for details of 1st to 5th standard students by using loops and scanner
Java User Input
Java User Input  I am using Scanner class for user Input. Scanner s = new Scanner(; String name =; but i am unable to store full... nextLine() method of Scanner class
help me plz befor 27 februry
; System.out.println("Hello,what is your first name?"); Scanner keyboard = new Scanner... last name?"); Scanner keyboard = new Scanner (; lastname
is your first name?"); Scanner keyboard = new Scanner (; firstname...?"); Scanner Keyboard = new Scanner (; lastname =