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What is Software Design & development?

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J2EE design patterns  Hi all, could any one send me design patterns links. its very utgent. thanks, lakshminarayana.  Hi Friend, For J2EE Singleton Pattern,visit the following link: http
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me the design code,how to design ,i will be grateful to you.Regards debasis
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Javascript  Dear Sir, how to attach file while sending some files in a mail service??i have a button called attach files.After clickin that button what is the function to be called.Please give me some design code
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java  Q What is the disadvantage of Singleton design pattern?  Hi Friend, 1)It allows only one instance of the class. 2)If the Singleton has synchronized blocks in it, it might slow the system down as the threads
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java  design a vehicle class hierarchy in java.write a test program to demonstrate polymorphism.  Hi Friend, Try the following code: class Vehicle { void test(){} } class Bus extends Vehicle{ void test
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Database Design To design the database you first need to install the MySql database. The After create the database as create database if not exists `onlinexamination`; Then create the table new_ques which contains the queshon
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two,and same for next two records.This design is final.please help me.Likewise we... process.Any design ,you think valid,plizz give me..Thank you Please help me.plizz
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java  1.write a multi-threaded java program to print all numbers below 100,000 that are both prime and fibonacci number(some examples are 2,3,5,13,etc).design a thread that generates prime numbers below 100,000 and writes them
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two,and same for next two records.This design is final.please help me.Likewise we
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java  design a java interface for ADT stack.develop two differant classes that implement this interface,one using array and the other using using linked list.provide necessary exception handling in both the implementations. 
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java  design classes for currency,rupee,and doller.write a program that randomly generates rupee and doller objects and write them into a file using object serialization.write another program to read that file,convert to rupee
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java  Q.No-1. Design a menu-driven interactive programme to find out capital cities of all the states of India using switch statement. Q.No-2. Write a programme to perform binary operations on integer argument. The arguments
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design patterns are used in Struts?  What design patterns are used in Struts
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