hiral makwana
how to run java program that has several classes under package from usb drive?
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I have an assignment where I have to submit my code in flash drive. I did all coding in eclipse and getting all output. I tried running it through command line and it works. I copied all java files and class files to flash drive and tried again through command line but does not work.

I have a package a1.cis568 under this package I have several classes. main class is A1.java and other classes are Circle, Point, PlaneCircle, EHashtable, CHashtable in the same package.

I have to use following line on command line to compile and run my program through flash drive, E:> E:>javac -d . A1.java E:>java a1.cis568.A1

when I was searching for solution I found that I can install jdk on flash drive and run the code. I tried installing jdk but it was taking very long time so did not complete the process till end.

Any suggestion would be great help.

Thanks, Hiral


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