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In Deep Water Associates operates a business that offers a variety of services to customers who own swimming pools, including cleaning and filling pools. Write a program that calculates the price of a service call. The price includes a set $75 fee for cleaning plus an additional fee based on the amount of time it will take to fill a customer√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs pool with water. Table 4-3 provides the necessary parameters for esti- mating the price (based on the fill-up time) for a pool. Write an application that prompts the user for the length, width, and depth of a pool, and calculates the service and fill-up price. Save the application as Swimming.java. Parameter Fee for cleaning Pool volume in cubic feet Gallons per cubic foot Pool capacity in gallons Rate of flow Minutes per hour Fee per hour for filling Explanation $75 length * width * average depth, all in feet 7.5 volume * gallons per cubic foot 50 gallons per minute 60 $8

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