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java beginner
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i have a methd that is public static insert ( map p), i have passed a java map object in this method , so i want to store employee infrmation in haspmap and how to find highest salery and afetr public static inserty(map p) {} what code i will write,


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August 17, 2012 at 2:38 PM

Here is an example that stores the employee information in a list and display the highest salary.

import java.util.*;

class Employee{
public int salary;
public String name;
public String address;
public static int count = 0;
public Employee(){}
public Employee(String name,String address,int salary) {
super(); = name;
this.salary = salary;


public String getName() {
return name;
public String getAddress() {
return address;
public int getSalary() {
return salary;
class SalaryComparator implements Comparator{
    public int compare(Object emp1, Object emp2){
        int sal1 = ((Employee)emp1).getSalary();        
        int sal2 = ((Employee)emp2).getSalary();

        if(sal1 > sal2)
            return 1;
        else if(sal1 < sal2)
            return -1;
            return 0;    

public class EmployeeSalary {

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
List<Employee> list = new ArrayList<Employee>();
list.add(new Employee("A","Delhi",10000));
list.add(new Employee("B","Mumbai",20000));
list.add(new Employee("C","Chennai",15000));
list.add(new Employee("D","Kolkata",12000));
System.out.println(" ");
int count=0;
int salary=0;
               Collections.sort(list,new SalaryComparator());
                for(Employee data: list){
                System.out.println("Highest salary is: "+salary);

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