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GUI example for beginners
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GUI example for beginners
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April 6, 2012 at 5:55 PM

sory ,, I will posted my code again

import java.util.Scanner;

public class RegistorClass {

 private int accumulator;  private int instructionCounter;  private int instructionRegister;  private int operationCode;  private int operand;  private boolean halt;  private MemoryClass memory;// Operation codes 
// Input/Output operations.  private final int READ = 10;  private final int WRITE = 11;    // Load/Store operations.  private final int LOAD = 20;  private final int STORE = 21;     // Arithmetic operations.  private final int ADD = 30;  private final int SUBTRACT = 31;  private final int DIVIDE = 32;  private final int MULTIPLY = 33;   // Transfer-of-control operations. private final int BRANCH = 40;  private final int BRANCHNEG = 41;  private final int BRANCHZERO = 42;  private final int HALT = 43;public RegistorClass(MemoryClass memory1){

     accumulator = 0;        instructionCounter = 0;       instructionRegister = 0;        operationCode = 0;       operand = 0;        halt = false;         memory = memory1;}   public  int getOperationCode(int word)  {        int operationCode = word / 100;       return operationCode;  }public int getOperand(int word) { 
int operand = word % 100; return operand; } 

public boolean executeNextInstruction() { 

 if (halt)  return false;         // Read next instruction from memory.    instructionRegister =;   operationCode = getOperationCode(instructionRegister);   operand =getOperand(instructionRegister);        boolean transferOfControl = false;        //  execute the instruction.   switch (operationCode)  {       case READ:            Scanner scan = new Scanner(;         // Read a word from the keyboard.               System.out.print("Enter an integer: ");                       // Write word to memory.               memory.write(operand, scan.nextInt());             break;            case WRITE:               // Read a word from memory.            int data =;               // Display the word on the screen             if (!halt)         System.out.println(data);                  break;             case LOAD:            // Load a word from memory into the accumulator.           accumulator =; //    accumulator=memory[operand];      break;case STORE:            // Store accumulator into memory.           memory.write(operand, accumulator);  // memory[operand]=accumulator;       break;             case ADD:            // Add word from memory to accumulator.             accumulator +=;             break;             case SUBTRACT:            // Subtract word from memory from accumulator.               accumulator -=;              break;            case DIVIDE:            // Divide accumulator by a word loaded from memory.             int divisor =;   //divisor=memory[oprand] ;         if (!halt)                 if (divisor == 0)                 {                        System.out.println("*** Attempt to divide by zero ***");                   }                else            accumulator /= divisor;                break;          case MULTIPLY:            // Multiply accumulator by a word loaded from memory.              accumulator *=;            break;       case BRANCH:            // Branch to location in memory.               instructionCounter = operand;              transferOfControl = true;               break;             case BRANCHNEG:            // Branch to location in memory if accumulator is negative.             if (accumulator < 0)            {              instructionCounter = operand;                 transferOfControl = true;           }            break;case BRANCHZERO: 

   // Branch to location in memory if accumulator is zero.             if (accumulator == 0)      {            instructionCounter = operand;            transferOfControl = true;              }            break;             case HALT:                  System.out.println("*** Simpletron execution terminated ***");              transferOfControl = true;             halt = true;            break;           default:            System.out.println("*** Invalid operation code ***");             halt= true; // break;         }          if (!transferOfControl)            instructionCounter++;   return !halt;  }public void dump() { 
System.out.printf(" accumulator\t\t\t%+05d\n", accumulator); System.out.printf("instructionCounter\t\t %02d\n", instructionCounter); System.out.printf("instructionRegister\t\t%+05d\n", instructionRegister); System.out.printf("operationCode \t\t\t %02d\n", operationCode); 
System.out.printf("operand \t\t\t\t %02d\n", operand);

}public static void main(String[] args) 

 {         System.out.println("*** Welcome to Simpletron! ***");          System.out.println("*** Please enter your program one instruction   ***");         System.out.println("*** (or data word) at a time. I will display    ***");          System.out.println("*** the location number and a question mark (?) ***");         System.out.println("*** You then type the word for that location.   ***");          System.out.println("*** Type -99999 to stop entering your program.  ***");          System.out.println();     MachineClass machine = new MachineClass ();       machine.inputProgramToMemory();      machine.executeProgram();} }

class MachineClass {

private MemoryClass memory1; 
private RegistorClass registor1 ; 
public static final int MEMORY_WORD = 100;

public MachineClass(){       memory1=new MemoryClass( MEMORY_WORD);     registor1=new RegistorClass(memory1);}public void inputProgramToMemory() { 
Scanner input =new Scanner(; 

int memoryWord=0;final int END_OF_INPUT = -9999;      System.out.printf("%02d ? ", memoryWord);int data = input.nextInt();while(data !=END_OF_INPUT)      {         memory1.write(memoryWord,data);   memoryWord++;   System.out.printf("%02d ? ", memoryWord);     data = input.nextInt();}           System.out.println("*** Program loading completed ***");           System.out.println(); }public void computerDump() { System.out.println(); 
memory1.dump(); } 

// Execute program  public void executeProgram(){        System.out.println("*** Program execution begins  ***");             while (  registor1.executeNextInstruction()) ;                 computerDump(); }}

class MemoryClass {

private int[] memory; public MemoryClass(int amountOfMemoryWord ){ memory = new int[amountOfMemoryWord]; 

} // Write a value to memory.  public void write(int word, int value) {             if (word < 0 || word >= memory.length)        {               System.out.println("*** Attempt to write to a non-existing memory location ***");         }     else memory[word] = value;  }   public int read(int word) {        int value = 0;            if (word < 0 || word >= memory.length)        {      System.out.println("*** Attempt to read from a non-existing  memory location ***");          }        else value = memory[word];       return value;  }    public void dump() {          System.out.print( "   ");       for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)       System.out.printf("%5d ", i);            System.out.println();            for (int i = 0; i < memory.length; i += 10)        {              System.out.print("  "+ i+ " ");              for (int j = 0; j < 10 && i+j < memory.length; j++)                       System.out.printf("%+05d ", memory[i + j]); //05>>> to print five digits ???                        System.out.println();         }  }


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