Question: using the built-in Queue class



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saad ahmad
using the built-in Queue class
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Queues are after used to stimulate the flow of people , cars , airplanes , transactions , and so on . write a program that models checkout lines at a supermarket, using the built-in Queue class.Several lines of customer should be displayed.

you can add a new customer by pressing a key. you will need to determine how the customer will decide which line to join.The checkers will take random amounts of time to process each customer , one checked out , the customer is removed from the line.

in addition, i want you to make a system for the car parking following this role:

car which arrives first will park in a hole with small index number , and the follows will park in a hole with a larger index... and so on. moreover, the car parking gates allocated near to the holes with the largest indexes.

your program in the beginning will ake the uesr to which system he/she wants to be transferred.

plz help me :(

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