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emrit latchman
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Sir,I am experiencing some problems with the output of this program.I got some useful help this website,but the output of the program isn't producing what it should.let me explain the output below is what happen when the program is run.

Hardware Items Code Description Unit Price K16 Wood screws,brass,20mm,50 grams $ 7.75 D24 Wood glue,clear,1 liter,350 grams $ 5.5 M93 Sandpaper,fine grade,50 grams $ 10.25 M94 Sandpaper,fine grade,60 grams $ 14.75 B21 Claw Hammer,1500 grams $ 13.5 B35 Garden Shovel,2200 grams $ 15 A10 Garden Hose,2100 grams $ 10.25 A45 Hand Saw,1000 grams $ 12.75 C51 Garden Fork,2400 grams $ 14.5 place your order! NAME:john smith ADDRESS-1:20 rodeo street ADDRESS-2:london ADDRESS-3:england POST CODE:3587 Code:d14 Quantity: 3 Is there another Customer order?(yes/No) :yes Code:

what should really happen is that if I say yes for the dialogue the user inputs for name,address,and post code should come up followed by the code and the quantity.In other words it should process a number of orders of different names and addresses if yes is selected until the user enters no.can you help me with the code, the program is given below.Thank you!

import java.util.*; import java.text.*; import java.util.Scanner; class HardwareItems { String code; String description; double price; HardwareItems(String code,String description,double price){ this.code=code; this.description=description; this.price=price; } public String getCode(){ return code; } public String getDescription(){ return description; } public double getPrice(){ return price; }

public static void main(String []args){
    ArrayList<HardwareItems> list=new ArrayList<HardwareItems>();
    list.add(new HardwareItems("K16","Wood screws,brass,20mm,50 grams",7.75));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("D24","Wood glue,clear,1 liter,350 grams",5.50));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("M93","Sandpaper,fine grade,50 grams",10.25));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("M94","Sandpaper,fine grade,60 grams",14.75));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("B21","Claw Hammer,1500 grams",13.50));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("B35","Garden Shovel,2200 grams",15.00));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("A10","Garden Hose,2100 grams",10.25));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("A45","Hand Saw,1000 grams",12.75));
    list.add(new HardwareItems("C51","Garden Fork,2400 grams",14.50));
    DecimalFormat df=new DecimalFormat("$ ##.##");

    System.out.println("Hardware Items");
    System.out.println("Code "+"   Description "+"            Unit Price ");
    for(HardwareItems e : list){

      Scanner in=new Scanner (System .in);
    System.out.println("place your order!");
    String l=in.nextLine();
    String m=in.nextLine();
    String n=in.nextLine();
    String o=in.nextLine();
    System.out.print("POST CODE:");
    String p=in.nextLine();

    Scanner input=new Scanner(System.in);
    System.out.print("Code:" );
        String code=input.next();
        System.out.print("Quantity: ");
        int quantity=input.nextInt();
        String check="";
        System.out.print("Is there another Customer order?(yes/No) :");
         System.out.print("Code:" );
         System.out.print("Quantity: ");
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