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write a java code design an auto with as many feature as possible

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auto  write a java code design an auto with as many feature as possible
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auto resize  Dear Sir, I have a table with 60 coloumns and 90 rows.If i give the print option it s not comin in one page.Can you please tell me the javascript code for auto resizing it into one window or fit to the window while
What is Auto Wiring?
What is Auto Wiring?  Hi, What is Auto Wiring? Thanks
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auto update codings  auto update coding in xml
how to generate auto code ?
how to generate auto code ?  i wanna genrate auto code for id in core java. pls tell me code of auto genrate
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auto sql script  Is there a way of generating inserts scripts using the table structure for oracle database
Date auto format
Date auto format  Hi, I have jsp page and Date field with input type. Requirement is, if we enter date as MMDDYY or MMDDYYYY and clicking the tab the date(MMDDYY or MMDDYYYY) have to auto format to MM/DD/YYYY. could you please
Auto Generated Employee ID
Auto Generated Employee ID  Hello Everyone I want to generate an ID like (SCS-0001) and then it should be auto incremented each time a new employee add page is opens. I am using My Sql database
Stumped with NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT  I've almost made it through my... to create a new table with the ID column being NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT. The table will create if I do not have NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, but it WILL NOT create
Auto field update
Auto field update  In my application I have a field called status which is having the 4 values like new,submitted,approved, rejected. How to set those filed in Database(MySQL), and how to auto update that field status in other
Yahoo Auto Suggest
Yahoo Auto Suggest  Am using Yahoo Library for Auto Suggest and it is implementing well.. My Requirement is I've two radio buttons with a and b and its name is stype. When i selected a, I'll get a different suggestions
auto complete text box - Ajax
auto complete text box  How to create auto complete text box in jsp using ajax technology ? plz giv me steps wise code
Auto Fill Textbox - Java Beginners
Auto Fill Textbox   hi i am going to develope a php page with a select box and i want that this select box get auto fill when i write on it. please help me
MySQL Auto_Increment
MySQL Auto_Increment This example illustrates how to define AUTO_INCREMENT of a field. The AUTO_INCREMENT attribute can be used to generate a unique... AUTO_INCREMENT, name CHAR(30) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id
Auto Search box using ajax
Auto Search box using ajax   Hi , i want to implement auto search box functionality like google and linkedin using ajax,jsp,servlet, javascript etc.when the value appears on the textbox then we should also be able to select
Jtree Nodes auto Hiding Problem
Jtree Nodes auto Hiding Problem  Have a nice day to everyone I am using Jtree and developed one hierarchic model as per requirement but i am having large no. of node so i have to hide of fold those node which i am not looking
java auto mail send - Struts
java auto mail send  Hello, im the beginner for Java Struts. i use java struts , eclipse & tomcat. i want to send mail automatically when the server start..I use the code for send mail..but i dont know how to sent
query regarding auto increment primary key
query regarding auto increment primary key  i want to use s1,s2.... as my auto increment primary key.cant i do this in mysql
Dojo Auto completer
Dojo Auto completer          In this section, you will learn how to create a auto completer in dojo.  Try Online: Auto Completer Auto Completer: The Auto Completer provides
How to auto increment primary key in mysql...
How to auto increment primary key in mysql...  How to auto increment primary key in mysql... and one more thing i need to get auto increment value in front end each time for inserting the value[JSP
Auto grow Text Area using jQuery plug-in
Auto grow Text Area using jQuery plug-in  Hi sir How can we make a textarea auto grow ? What is the name of the plug-in used for auto grow text area. Please mention code with your reply
How to make auto number? - JSP-Servlet
How to make auto number?  Dear, my friend... I really need your help.... I want to ask you, how to make auto number in mysql database? The format that I want is: ======> 00010809, 00020809, 00030809, etc 0001 = auto
jQuery to Auto Image Scroller
jQuery to Auto Image Scroller     ... that auto image scroller Steps to develop the program  Step 1...({ auto: 2, wrap: 'last', initCallback: mycarousel_initCallback
How create auto number? - JSP-Servlet
How create auto number?  Dear, my friend... I really need your help.... I want to ask you, how to make auto number in mysql database? The format that I want is: ======> 00010809, 00020809, 00030809, etc 0001 = auto
Client Auto Refresh in Servlets
Client Auto Refresh in Servlets       This section illustrates you how client gets auto refresh. We are providing you an example which explains you clearly. In the example, We have created
Auto fit the MS Excel cell width
Auto fit the MS Excel cell width  I am writing string in ms excel sheet via java code . Cell width is very large, and I want to auto fit the width of cell via java. Kindly help me as soon as possible. Its very urgent
Auto generated column in sql 5.0 - SQL
Auto generated column in sql 5.0  hi, in my data base i have declared one column has auto generating but currently am not able to insert the data unless i need to pass some integer value to that column.. regards pramod.k.r
how to declare a auto increment in sql - SQL
how to declare a auto increment in sql  Dear sir, How to declare a auto increment insql? i used a identity but it is nt working in sql,so... table form will get open. Click the checkbox option of Auto_Incrt for the field 'id
Non-edit Combobox with auto fill - Swing AWT
Non-edit Combobox with auto fill  Hi, I have a non-edit JCombobox with auto fill capability. Auto fill is working only for the first character...". The requirement is to extend this auto fill capability to support multiple characters in non
MySQL Auto_Increment
MySQL Auto_Increment       MySQL Auto_Increment is used to generate a unique number when a new... with Example The Tutorial illustrate an example from 'MySQL Auto_Increment
Auto Complete Text Box - JSP-Servlet
Auto Complete Text Box  Please help me in Aotocomplete text box code. I m a java programmer. I m working on jsp tech. please give me the code for Autocomplete text box in which the values will generate from database table
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