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dth case study
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DTH Case Study BNM Corp is a new player in the DTH (Direct to Home) satellite TV business in India. It has a sister concern BNV Corp which is a broadcaster and owns few channels. BNM corp entered into the DTH space to complement the operations of its sister concern and to get a stronghold on the satellite TV business. The business model of BNM corp. is as follows. Each subscriber will have to buy a set top box and a dish. The set top box comes in three formats Set top box model Base Price Normal 5000 rs Digital 7000 rs Wall mount 9000 rs There is only one model for the antenna and it costs 4000 rs. A standard 10 meter cable is provided to connect the antenna and the set top box. If the customer requires additional cable, the company will provide the same at an additional cost of rs 188 per meter. There is an installation cost of 1400 for the set top box and antenna. The channels are clubbed in different packages. The subscriber can opt for multiple packages at the same time. The main packages and their rates are given below Package Name Base Price Standard package 250 per month Silver 300 per month Gold 350 per month Sports 120 per moth Movies 180 per month Music 22p per month Each package is valid for one month, after which the subscriber has to renew. The subscriber is also free to switch the packages. The company also offers few channels on a stand alone basis and there are not part of any package. These can be subscribed individually. Channel Base Price Ten Sports 33 per month Sun TV 12 per month NDTV 31 per month Enadu TV 28 per moth STAR plus 19 per month Colors 22 per month There is a service tax of 10 % on all channels/software. The service tax component on the hardware part is 14%. A new subscriber has to go to an outlet to get a new connection. The proposed system should have facility to store all customer details. On selecting the package/set top box/antenna an invoice is to be generated. On making a payment, a receipt is to be provided. The invoice/receipt functionality is applicable for package/channel subscription renewal also. The customer care executive will be primarily working on the software solution. The manager alone can make change to the rates and add more channels and packages. There should also be a provision for reports. Some indicative reports are given below but it is expected that the software provide as much reporting as possible\ 1) Customer Reports 2) Reports on most popular packages/stand alone channels 3) Revenue reports 4) Reports on service tax 5) Reports on sales of set top box

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