How to extract the entire line with specific data from a Text in java?
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i would like to extract data from text like the following one:

[CODE] ........... 2011/01/12 The thread 001 title should clearly describe 2011/01/12 This describe or discussion topic. General 2011/01/12 This desc 002 nor discussion topic. General 2011/01/12 titles is 003 as 'Help Me' or 'Urgent' 2011/01/12 This describe or discussion topic. General ...........etc [CODE/]

I want to extract only lines with number like 001 or 002 , every line with a number like in the example but not lines without number.

The text content 500 lines but some of them don't contain number. in Java what method or function could i use to do my prog?

i know how to read specific line from text with the lineNumber but here it's different.

any help please. Thank you.


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