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What is CORBA?

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October 29, 2010 at 5:48 PM


CORBA stands for the Common Object Request Broker Architecture.


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CORBA   hii, What is CORBA?   hello, CORBA stands for the Common Object Request Broker Architecture
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CORBA and RMI Books      ... and CORBA The standard by which all other CORBA books are judged, Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA is the book to read if you're thinking about
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Explain the process of implementing a CORBA client using a Java programming example and the steps involved.  plz tell me answer of this question... the process of implementing a CORBA client using a Java programming example
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restarting  Lucy wants to run the CORBA application on different machines. She tries restarting the server but is unable to do so. What can be the possible reason for the server not getting started
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application which can remote communicate between different programs. Java IDL (CORBA) Common Object Request Broker Architecture also known as CORBA is the Java IDL.... RMI-IIOP Using RMI-IIOP you can develop your application using other CORBA
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for this implementation is known as Java Remote Method Protocol (JRMP). A CORBA version... interface delegating most of the functionality to the supporting CORBA implementation... different implementations, such as an HTTP transport. Moreover, work was done to CORBA
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ApplicationException object from the CORBA repository ID of the exception... is used to get the CORBA repository ID. Syntax : public String getId()  
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developed the CORBA standard.( Common Object Request Broker Architecture... in the Enterprise computing world .( except Microsoft). Corba... ( for real time systems) & SMALLTALK. The earliest Corba language
on object transaction service(OTS) which is part of CORBA
Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI
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used to define interfaces to remote CORBA objects. The interfaces... between CORBA object request brokers.     What
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Protocol (JRMP) is the protocol used to implement RMI. Later CORBA was developed... on CORBA, in order to add a pass by value functionality, to support the RMI
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applications that use OMG-standard IDL and CORBA/IIOP. Tool Name ... application to use CORBA functionality. orbd In CORBA environment , it gives
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an object-oriented RPC mechanism. CORBA is another object-oriented RPC mechanism. CORBA differs from Java RMI in a number of ways. Java RMI has recently been evolving toward becoming more compatible with CORBA. In particular
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that enables CORBA objects to locate and communicate with one another.   ... ? Object Transaction Service. A definition of the interfaces that permit CORBA... ? Portable Object Adapter. A CORBA standard for building server-side applications
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) Java IDL/CORBA 1. Java Database... learn. 7. CORBA... with CORBA. 8. XML
Chapter 1. EJB Overview
Enterprise JavaBeans architecture is compatible with the CORBA protocols. This allows
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Method Protocol(JRMP) and in order to run in non-JVM, then CORBA is used
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or directory services including: RMI DNS LDAP NIS CORBA name
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= " SUN'S RMI-IIOP(RMI-CORBA)  PROGRAM  WELCOMES...;rmic  -iiop   greeterimpl    (creates corba...-CORBA)  PROGRAM  WELCOMES ...Thomas" 20) Thus we have
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is RMI-IIOP ? A version of RMI implemented to use the CORBA IIOP protocol. RMI over IIOP provides interoperability with CORBA objects implemented in any
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is Java IDL ? A technology that provides CORBA interoperability and connectivity
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Distributed Object Technologies  like EJB ,CORBA & DCOM were found...)    6) Corba-IDL   ( Corba-using Java  with OMG-IDL)   7) RMI-IIOP   (Corba in Java without OMG-IDL
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nested exception is: java.rmi.MarshalException: CORBA MARSHAL 1398079745 Maybe
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is trying to call backend code , its throwing CORBA error. eAgentCache=true
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