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hashim fikri
Illegal Start of Type
0 Answer(s)      6 years and 7 months ago
Posted in : Java Beginners

Hello! I'm very new to writing java. And I keep getting the "Illegal Start of Type" error. I've tried everything to fix it. can anyone help me?

import java.awt.Dimens; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.util.List; import java.util.LinkedList; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.ListIterator; import java.util.Collections; import java.awt.event.*;

class reserveform extends JFrame implements {

// operation interface

JPanel operation; JButton reservbtn, cancel,modify,save; JButton next,first,last,previous; JPanel moving;

reserveform (){

Container c = getContentPane(); c.setLayout(new FlowLayout()); c.setBackground(;

//hostcontainer = new JPanel(new FlowLayout());

name= new JLabel("Name:"); id = new JLabel("ID"); address = new JLabel("Address:"); job = new JLabel("JOB:");

txtname= new JTextField(20); txtid = new JTextField (20); txtaddress= new JTextField (20); txtjob = new JTextField (20);

name_id = new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); name_id .setBackground(; addr_job = new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); addr_job.setBackground(;

//add elemtents into panel nameid.add(name); nameid.add(txtname); nameid .add(id); nameid .add(txtid); addrjob .add(address); addrjob .add(txtaddress); addrjob .add(job); addrjob .add(txtjob);

//hostcontainer.add(nameid ); hostcontainer.add(addrjob );

c.add(nameid); c.add(addrjob); //c.add(hostcontainer,"North");

// building interface for room

type=new JLabel("Type: "); roomno=new JLabel("roomNo "); arrivingdate=new JLabel("Arriving"); days= new JLabel("Days:");

txttype = new JComboBox(new String[]{"Single","Double","Sweet"}); txttype.setBackground(;

txtromno= new JTextField(20); txtarriving= new JTextField(20); txtdays= new JTextField(20);

roomcontainer = new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); roomcontainer.setBackground(;

roomcontainer.add(type); roomcontainer.add(txttype);

container2= new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); container2.setBackground(; container2.add(roomno); container2.add(txtromno);

container3= new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); container3.setBackground(; container3.add(arrivingdate); container3.add(txtarriving);

container4 = new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); container4 .setBackground(; container4.add(days);container4.add(txtdays);

c.add(roomcontainer); c.add(container2); c.add(container3); c.add(container4);

// build interface of operations

operation= new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); operation.setBackground(;

reservbtn = new JButton("New Resv:"); reservbtn.addActionListener(this);

cancel = new JButton("Cancel"); cancel.addActionListener(this);

modify= new JButton("Modify"); modify.addActionListener(this);

save = new JButton("Save"); save.addActionListener(this);

moving = new JPanel(new FlowLayout()); moving .setBackground(; next = new JButton("Next"); next.addActionListener(this);

first= new JButton("first"); first.addActionListener(this);

last= new JButton("last"); last.addActionListener(this);

previous= new JButton("previous"); previous.addActionListener(this);

moving.add(first); moving.add(next); moving.add(previous); moving.add(last);

operation.add(reservbtn); operation.add(save); operation.add(cancel); operation.add(modify);

c.add(operation); c.add(moving);

setVisible(true); setSize(600,270);


if (listA.isEmpty()) { disableall(); disableaction();}



void enableall() { next.setEnabled(true); first.setEnabled(true); last.setEnabled(true); previous.setEnabled(true); cancel.setEnabled(true); modify.setEnabled(true); save.setEnabled(true);

} void disableall(){

next.setEnabled(false); first.setEnabled(false); last.setEnabled(false); previous.setEnabled(false);

} void disableaction() { cancel.setEnabled(false); modify.setEnabled(false); save.setEnabled(false); } public void clearboxes(){

txtname.setText(" "); txtid.setText(" "); txtaddress.setText(" "); txtjob.setText(" "); txtromno.setText(" "); txtarriving.setText(" "); txtdays.setText(" ");


public int fillinfo() {

return new reservation(txtname.getText(), txtid.getText(),txtaddress.getText(), txtjob.getText(), txtromno.getText(), txtarriving.getText(),txtdays.getText(), (String)txttype.getSelectedItem());


public void show (reservation ob) {

if (index< listA.size() && index>=0) { txtname.setText(; txtid.setText(; txtaddress.setText(ob.hst.address); txtjob.setText(ob.hst.job); txtromno.setText(ob.rm.roomno); txtarriving.setText(ob.dateofcome); txtdays.setText(ob.days+" ");

if(ob.rm.type.equals("Single")) txttype.setSelectedIndex(0); else if(ob.rm.type.equals("Double")) txttype.setSelectedIndex(1); else txttype.setSelectedIndex(2); }


public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {

String lbl=e.getActionCommand();

if(lbl.equals( "New Resv:")) { clearboxes(); save.setEnabled(true); cancel.setEnabled(true); cancel.setText("ignore"); }

else if(lbl.equals("Save")) {

listA.add(fillinfo()); index= listA.size()-1; show((reservation)listA.get(index)); enableall();cancel.setText("Cancel"); } else if(lbl.equals("Cancel") ) { listA.remove(index); if(!listA.isEmpty()) show((reservation)listA.get(index)); else { disableall(); disableaction();clearboxes();} }

else if (lbl.equals("ignore")) { clearboxes(); cancel.setText("Cancel"); enableall();} else

if(lbl.equals("Modify")) { listA.add(fillinfo()); listA.remove(index); show((reservation)listA.get(listA.size()-1)); } else if(lbl.equals("first")) { index=0; show((reservation)listA.get(index));cancel.setText("Cancel"); } else if(lbl.equals("last")) { index=listA.size()-1; show((reservation)listA.get(index));cancel.setText("Cancel");} else if(lbl.equals("previous") && index>0) { index-=1; show((reservation)listA.get(index));cancel.setText("Cancel"); } else

if(lbl.equals("Next") && (index+1) < listA.size()) { index+=1;show((reservation)listA.get(index)); cancel.setText("Cancel"); }



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