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JMF  Respected Sir, What is JMF? What are the features provided by JMF? How is it implemented? Do you have any articles related to JMF
JMF  After quite a googling i have found that JMF could help in recording audio/video from multimedia source. Does anyone have any idea on JMF
Java JMF - Framework
Java JMF  hi my friend send me this code but i am not able to run it. Whats the problem is? help me out? (use of Java Media Framework for read from video) import java.io.*; import java.awt.*; import javax.media.
jmf  how to extract the frames from video file using java...give me the clear step by step explanation with code soon
Java Media Framework(JMF) - Java Beginners
Java Media Framework(JMF)  Hi everyone I'm designing a media player using jmf,i am not able to stop and old player and start a new one, the code for starting a new player lies in another class whose constructor has been
JMF WebCam detection problem - Framework
JMF WebCam detection problem  Hello friends, I am using JMF to operate my web cam.My usb webcam works perfectly with JMF, I used it in JMStudio however,when I make this call from my java code deviceListVector
JMF: How trigger event when player reaches certain time playing a video?
JMF: How trigger event when player reaches certain time playing a video?  How to code in Java (with Java Media Framework): When the player reaches a certain time playing a video clip (for example, reaching 3.124 minutes
JAVA   I M building a media player using jframes using libraries of jmf and done with all things but left with some problems.. 1) not able show the timing of song.. 2) not able to volume functionality
Java/PHP Developer
Java/PHP Developer  Hello sir, Am working on playing audio...;Download jmf api from the following link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/download-142937.html After downloading, put the jar file under the lib
java applet run time error - Applet
java applet run time error  Hi, Im new to java... { Player player = null; /*String location="file:///E:/java"; MediaLocator...:/java"; MediaLocator mrl= new MediaLocator(location); if (mrl == null
IEEE1394 Camera Plugins
in the Java Media Framework. It provides a JMF Capture Device based on the jlibdc1394 API and lets you use the functions of JMF with your FireWire camera.  ...;  The project aims to develop a Java API for controling 1394
Java API
; Java Media Framework JMF An API that enables audio, video... Java API       What is Java API? Java API is not but a set of classes and interfaces
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