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Question In the Network ?
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Description Task: Joe‚??s Brokerage House currently has 25 standalone computers and five laser printers
distributed Evenly across two floors of building. A print-sharing device enable users to share the laser printers, but the computers don‚??t connect to each other. Because of good profits, the network administrator planes expansion and upgrades. The company founder, Joe, things that all the computers should be able to communicate but doesn‚??t want to spend a lot of money. He does, however, want an easily expandable network design.

Wiring closets are available on both floors and have conduit between them. The computers must share sensitive data yet control access to files. Aside from new brokerage software, which runs on the server, the computers will run standard word-processing and spreadsheet programs. Use the worksheet that follows to evaluate the requirements for this network. After you have completed the worksheet, determine the best network topology or topology combination for the company.

On blank piece of paper, sketch the network design you think best suits Joe‚??s need. Network Evaluation Worksheet
Will the network be p2p or server-based? 1. If it‚??s server-based, how many servers will be attached to the network? 2. How many computers will be attached to the network? 3. What applications will the computers run? 4. Who many printers will be attached to the network?

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