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what kind of web projects requires ejb framework?

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how to run ejb3.0 with jboss4.0.2  i can install jdk5.0,ant1.7and jboss4.0.2 but i didn't known how run the ejb bean plz help me for my promble
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how to run ejb3.0 with jboss4.0.2  i can install jdk5.0,ant1.7and jboss4.0.2 but i didn't known how run the ejb bean plz help me for my promble
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In EJB 3.1, now you do not need to define any interfaces for Session Beans... a POJO with the @Stateless or @Stateful to get a fully functional EJB. The Singleton Beans A new feature of Singleton Beans is added in EJB 3.1
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