windows shell scripting



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windows shell scripting
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Hi All,

Using this knowledge make a batch file to achieve the following when the batch file is executed.

  1. Accept three parameters, a. Param1 b. Param2 c. Param3
  2. Display the accepted parameters with a message like ‚??Entered Param1 = , Param2 = , Param3=‚??.
  3. Let the second parameter be a directory path. Use Param2 and ‚??change directory‚?? to that path.
  4. Let the third parameter be a file name with extension. It should split the file name and extension and display separately.

Example: If Param1 = ‚??Hello‚?? and Param2 = ‚??C:\Program Files\Java‚??, then when the batch file is executed from C:\, I should see the following

C:>batchFile.bat C:>Entered Param1 = Hello, Param2 = C:\Program Files\Java, Param3 = abcd.txt C:\Program Files\Java> FileName = abcd, Extension = txt

Send me the batch file content when you are done.

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