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PHP 20-Apr-2010
Hello,<br /><br />I have to check the images.If I mages found relative change it to absolute.<br />for example ../default/test.png ----&gt;/image/default/test.png.<br /><br />I have try this with str_replace(&quot;..&quot;, &quot;/image&quot;, $vae).... View Questions/Answers

requesting for a jar file 20-Apr-2010
Sir Please send me a jar file of this sir , i need this package jar file org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel for Excel reading /Writing in java please help me.<br /><br />thanks in advance.... ... View Questions/Answers

Advanced Concepts with Classes 20-Apr-2010
... View Questions/Answers

Classes, Methods, Constructors<br />please i need help to create an elevator program<br /><br />Simulating an Elevator<br />write an Elevator class containing various methods.<br />Then, write a program that creates Elevator objects and invokes the various methods.<b... View Questions/Answers

problem in record viewing in jsp 20-Apr-2010
hai i send the code can you please find where is the problem it is not showing any error but i cannot able to view the record after eclipse ide is closed and reopen it<br />i have used the jsp and servlet and back end mysql<br />actually what is my problem is i have to everytime refresh ... View Questions/Answers

drag n drop 20-Apr-2010
I want to implement drag n drop functionality for simple HTML/JSP without using applet,flash or any heavy components.using browse button user can select one file at a time.but user needs to select multiple files using drag and drop mode.when user drag n drop file then display the complete path in te... View Questions/Answers

for store data in data base 20-Apr-2010
i want to a job site, in this site user can registered by a form..<br />in this form there are his information...<br />i use three form for it<br />1)for user name and password..<br />2)for personal detail...<br />3)for educational details..<br />by 1 and 2 i can ... View Questions/Answers

ejb 20-Apr-2010
plz send me the process of running a cmp with a web application send me an example. ... View Questions/Answers

NullPointerException 19-Apr-2010
I wonder why this coding could not work since i really need to pass the selected choice inside, giving me real time data change from the database.I guess this is the structure I need to to so.The jsp just couldn't read from the parameter &quot;name&quot; but if i directly insert a string int... View Questions/Answers

airline reservation java code 19-Apr-2010
Write a program that simulates the booking of seats on board a small airplane. The layout of the aircraft is illustrated<br />below. You will be required to create a menu based system with the following choices:<br />(a) View Seating (b) Book a Seat (c) Cancel a Booking (d) Reset All (e)... View Questions/Answers

java 19-Apr-2010
a java code that takes input regular expression and a string and produces as output all lines of the string that contains a substring denoted by regular expression ... View Questions/Answers

c programming language 19-Apr-2010
int main()<br />{<br /> int i = 1, c = 0, sum = 1,j ;<br /> scanf(&quot;%d&quot;, &amp;j);<br /><br /> while (i &lt;= j)<br /> {<br /> <br /> sum = sum + (i /3+i/5);<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

C++ programming language 19-Apr-2010
int main()<br />{<br /> int i = 1, c = 0, sum = 1,j ;<br /> scanf(&quot;%d&quot;, &amp;j);<br /><br /> while (i &lt;= j)<br /> {<br /> <br /> sum = sum + (i /3+i/5);<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

java Class 19-Apr-2010
Can anyone please explain what this code means?<br /><br />import java.util.TreeMap;<br />import java.util.Iterator;<br /><br />//Please tell me what this class declaration means????????????<br />public class ST&lt;Key extends Comparable&lt;Key&gt;, Va... View Questions/Answers

what is the need of... 19-Apr-2010
<br /><br />what is the need of &quot; return type like void ?<br /><br /> ... View Questions/Answers

Problem in record viewing in jsp 19-Apr-2010
hai i have developed the application using jsp,servlets in eclipse ide<br />i have to insert,delete,update and view .<br />no problem all are working but in view part alone some problem i dont know<br />what it is <br />i cannot view the record after eclipse ide is closed and... View Questions/Answers

J2EE 19-Apr-2010
I have just completed a beginners project using jsp and servlet on netbeans ide. I have adequate knowledge of core java. From where do i study the portion of JSP and Servlet in detail. What should i study after this. ... View Questions/Answers

JSP and servlet code 19-Apr-2010
I have created a JSP page for login and a servlet page which takes the parameters and performs the required processing. I'am unable to create a session from this servlet to the the page directed. How do I carry out session tracking from this page to the page directed and the further links in the pag... View Questions/Answers

question paper 19-Apr-2010
I am doing a project in jsp of creating question paper from question bank.<br />Here we have to generate a paper based on the language like c,c++.<br />we want to know how to generate the paper by considering two question from each area like inheritence,exception handling.the question h... View Questions/Answers

how to install the jboss application server on windows xp sp2? 19-Apr-2010
How to install and run the web application on jboss on windows xp sp2 ... View Questions/Answers

swings 19-Apr-2010
hi sir,plz write a program for the (when i am enter any text in jcombobox ,based on the key value<br />the results(from database) are displayed under my jcombobox )<br /> sir,plzzzzzzz<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

createCustomer method in Java 19-Apr-2010
I'm just trying to add a createCustomers() to an existing code. I have all of my GUIs and it compiles, but I'm kind of stuck here. My code is as follows:<br /><br />import java.awt.*;<br />import javax.swing.*;<br />import java.awt.event.*;<br />import java.util.*;<... View Questions/Answers

object 2 string 18-Apr-2010
hi sir,how to convert object to string <br /> and<br /> how 2 compare object with null value to string with null value<br /> plz provide a program 4 this sir,plzzzzzzzzz ... View Questions/Answers

im new to java 18-Apr-2010
what is the significance of public static void main(string args[])statement ... View Questions/Answers

SQL or UNICODE 18-Apr-2010
Hi again............<br /><br />I have got something new that...........<br /><br />i was using MS Access as the database with my JAVA Japplet....<br /><br />In my applet i used JTextArea to display the output .....<br />The output to display is fetched from... View Questions/Answers

UNICODE or SQL statement issue 18-Apr-2010
Hi again............<br /><br />I have got something new that...........<br /><br />i was using MS Access as the database with my JAVA Japplet....<br /><br />In my applet i used JTextArea to display the output .....<br />The output to display is fetched from... View Questions/Answers

hi 18-Apr-2010
hi sir,i want to insert a record in 1 table <br />for example<br /> sno sname sno1<br /> <br /><br /> i want to insert the value of sno as 1,2,3,............<br /> <br /> when the time of insertion i want ... View Questions/Answers

count asterisk in a grid 18-Apr-2010
I need to write a program that uses a recursive method to count the number of asterisk in a square grid ... View Questions/Answers

multiple form with multiple function in 1 jsp 17-Apr-2010
Hi, I'm using Netbean 6.8, mysql, and tomcat for my web application.<br />I was having problem in triggering my jsp with 2 forms as 1 for registration and 1 for log in. I need to trigger each form to call several function when user click buttons of these forms. Eventhough i put these forms int... View Questions/Answers

Java swing code 17-Apr-2010
How to validate input data entered into the swing applications in java?<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

Java 17-Apr-2010
Sir,<br /><br />My code is attached here...<br />When i run the program <br />The gui is visible..<br />When i click on feature button <br /><br />The control goes to classes ShowImage and ColorInformation <br />From ShowImage the calculated values are... View Questions/Answers

what is this.. 17-Apr-2010
what is the differece between platform independant and platform dependant? ... View Questions/Answers

Java 17-Apr-2010
write a program in java to illustrate importing classes from other packages? ... View Questions/Answers

Command Button Validation in VB 6.0 17-Apr-2010
Hello Sir I want to validate at a once Click on Vb Command Button ,when User First Time Clicks on Print Button then it will print that report and after that when user click second time on that button it shows msg u can Print Report user has already get this Print ,How i can Validate in Vb 6.0 with ... View Questions/Answers

Session tracking in login jsp program 17-Apr-2010
I have using jsp technology in my project.I want to do session tracking<br />in my login form.After logout when i press back button it should be show<br /> session is expired.Please help me.<br />Send jsp code on my email id :kirankadam72@gmail.com ... View Questions/Answers

Transferring values between javascript and java code in jsp 16-Apr-2010
Is there a way to transfer values between the javascripts and the java code(scriptlet, expressions etc) in a jsp page? <br /> ... View Questions/Answers

List of checkboxes 16-Apr-2010
Hi!<br /><br />I appreciate your effort for giving the response but now it displays only the last value of ArrayList. In other words, it is now displaying just the last time slot. Also, without clicking the checkbox that single time slot gets deleted. <br /><br />I'm resendin... View Questions/Answers

Passing Parameter 16-Apr-2010
Hi, it'me again. Below is the set of code that I get from your solution entitled droplist that read from database. It do read from database but in the textbox of the webpage, i need it to show something associated with the data i selected. Therefore, i've modify it into something like below which is... View Questions/Answers

Applets 16-Apr-2010
Someone please help how to solve this JAVA programs<br />a)An applet that does the following. Takes as input three numbers, computes two numbers and prints these two numbers (interest and amount) out. Have three textfields to input the three numbers (principal, rate and the number of years). W... View Questions/Answers

hi 16-Apr-2010
sir,i am do the project on swings,i want a datepicker in java,how to use datepicker in my swings application,plz provide a example for to use the datepicker in application sir,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<br /> ThanQ ... View Questions/Answers

hi 16-Apr-2010
hi sir,when i am add a jtable record to the database by using the submit button,then nullpointer exception is arised,plz see this program and resolve this sir,plzzzzzz<br /> <br /> submit=new JButton(&quot;SUBMIT&quot;);<br /> add(submit);<br /&... View Questions/Answers

get a value when a radio button clicked 16-Apr-2010
Here is my code sir please help me if any changes in the code please give me sir<br /><br />thanks in advance..<br /><br /><br />//login.jsp<br /><br />&lt;%@ page import=&quot;com.antares.servlet.EmployeeControllerServlet&quot;<br /> conte... View Questions/Answers

get a value when a radio button clicked 16-Apr-2010
sorry sir my actual probs is that 1st i m callig a jsp in that i m displaying a table where i used a radio button to access a value(also used u r code),then in this jsp i m having a forms to call a servlet,then in a servlet i m using a switch case to call a jsps ,in his switchcase i m calling a DAO... View Questions/Answers

get a radio button click value 16-Apr-2010
thanks sir for sending code ,but i have one probs that is i m getting a null value i m calling getParameter(&quot;id&quot;) in servlet that is used in another jsp so can i call getParameter(&quot;radio&quot;) i.e in the input tag name=&quot;radio&quot; eventhough i m gettin... View Questions/Answers

swings 16-Apr-2010
hi <br />what is evt.getKeyCode() method , when it value is equal to 10<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

get a session object 16-Apr-2010
how to do in a table when i click on a radio button i should get the id value which is in the same row and store it in the session this is in jsp when in the servlet if i call a get session i have to get a clicked corresponding id value please help me sir..<br /><br />thanks in advan... View Questions/Answers

Apache Server 16-Apr-2010
Hi All <br />I have a problem in Apache Software Foundation, <br />Actually in my Apache web server there are run more than one context, but problem is that after few times (like 1 or 2 days) the applications are stucked out but server continue runs without stoped. Can u tell me why is i... View Questions/Answers

why should we install the ADempiere in company 16-Apr-2010
why we sholuld install the adempiere erp in company ... View Questions/Answers

List of checkboxes 16-Apr-2010
Hi!<br /><br />I making a list of time-slots with a checkbox against every such time-slot in a JSP page. My requirement is that when one or more checkboxes are checked and the delete button is clicked, then the selected time slots should be deleted. The time slots are getting added in Ar... View Questions/Answers

HttpServlet reading XML from HttpRequest 15-Apr-2010
Hi ,<br /><br />My requirement is <br />1.Input to the HttpServlet will be the XML sent by upstream as HttpRequest<br />2.HttpServlet has to read XML from HttpRequest and put it in a string.<br /><br />HttpServlet should only read the XML from HttpRequest and put ... View Questions/Answers

Passing Parameter 15-Apr-2010
I would like to ask how to pass a parameter from javascript section into the jsp section.It will be something like this:<br /><br />&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;<br />function change()<br />{<br />var answer = document.getElementById('s... View Questions/Answers

need help creating a lift program 15-Apr-2010
Classes, Methods, Constructors<br />please i need help to create an elevator program<br /><br />Simulating an Elevator<br /> write an Elevator class containing various methods.<br />Then, write a program that creates Elevator objects and invokes the various methods.<... View Questions/Answers

LOOP PROGRAM 15-Apr-2010
Hi all,<br />Someone please help this code.<br /><br />I need a Java program that uses looping to toss a coin over and over until it comes up head 10 times. The program should also record the number of tails recorded. <br /><br />Thanks. ... View Questions/Answers

JAVA LOOPS 15-Apr-2010
Hi<br />I need a Java program that can toss a coin over and over until it comes up head 10 times. It should also record the number of tails. ... View Questions/Answers

( Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overriding)i need help 15-Apr-2010
... View Questions/Answers

JSP Radio Button MySQL insert 15-Apr-2010
Hi, <br /><br />I have an HTML form which has a couple of radio buttons for example (gender: male/female) and some check boxes with select lists. I have created a servlet to connect to MySQL database and process the form. I have no problem inserting the text fields into the tables howeve... View Questions/Answers

( Inheritance,need help in Polymorphism, Overriding) 15-Apr-2010
... View Questions/Answers

excel sheet reading and using that data 15-Apr-2010
i have to do a read a excel sheet file of a employee record and then i have to use a employee details to send mail to those employees how to do in jsp sir please help me sir..<br /><br />Thanks in advance..<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

retrieving of data from one jsp to another jsp 15-Apr-2010
using jsp i m displaying a table ,in table i m displaying a radio button then values like id,name etc ,if i click on an radio button i have to get a corresponding id value that is used for different jsp please help me sir...<br />thanks in advance<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

Print Only Forms Contents 15-Apr-2010
Hello Sir I Have Created Simple Registration Form with Database Connectivity,<br />Now I Want To Print Registration form Contents ,How I can Do that,<br />plz Help Me ... View Questions/Answers

Error with PrintDocument 15-Apr-2010
Error:<br />StudRec.java:526: printComponent(java.awt.Component) in PrintableDocument cannot<br /> be applied to (StudRec.ButtonListener)<br /> {<br />PrintableDocument.printComponent(this);<br /> ^<br />Note: StudRe... View Questions/Answers

Error with KeyListeners 15-Apr-2010
Here tf1id is Jtextfield,when I implement following code Gives Error<br />Source Code-<br /> tf1id.addKeyListener(new KeyAdapter()) <br />{<br />public void keyTyped(KeyEvent e) <br />{<br />String input=tf1id.getText();<br /><br />Pattern p = Pattern... View Questions/Answers

recursive 15-Apr-2010
Question Details:<br />I need to write a recursive method that displays the lyrics of the song &quot;Bingo&quot;.<br /><br /><br /><br />Verse 1: There was a farmer had a dog<br /><br /><br /><br /> And Bingo was his nam... View Questions/Answers

how to create a jar file for java classes? 15-Apr-2010
I have 2 classes x1 and x2. packages names are com.bank.xyz;<br /><br /><br />how to create a jar file for classes. ... View Questions/Answers

JSP tree view 15-Apr-2010
Hi...<br /><br />In my project i need to display the data from database in the form of tree structure...<br />i.e. like horizontal binary tree<br />I've to dynamically get the values...<br /><br />Can you plssssss suggest me how to implement this...<br /><... View Questions/Answers

hi 15-Apr-2010
hi sir,when i am enter a one value in jtextfield the related values to that value (which is already existed in database) is came to my jtextfield automatically,how 2 resolve this sir,in my swings application.<br />plz provide ur phone no sir ... View Questions/Answers

how to point my jsp form action to servlet? 14-Apr-2010
I am currently using netbean 6.8, tomcat 6.0, and mysql database.<br />I was having problem when I was trying to point my jsp action to my servlet.(f.action=&quot;../fyp.servletLogin&quot;;) fyp is the folder that stores my servlet.<br />Here is my function code in jsp, when user... View Questions/Answers

Java Swings problem 14-Apr-2010
Sir, I am facing a problem in JSplitPane. I want the divider in the splitpane to be customized. I have a splitpane with Horizontal orientation and here, there lies the divider between left component and right component. Now, I want this divider to display only half that is, it is displaying starting... View Questions/Answers

java and xml problem. plz see this 1 first 14-Apr-2010
hi, i need to write a java program that generates an xml file as follows:&lt;soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=&quot;http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/&quot; xmlns:ocs=&quot;http://ocs.ztesoft.com&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;soapenv:Header&gt;<br /> &a... View Questions/Answers

java and xml problem 14-Apr-2010
hi, i need to write a java program that generates an xml file as follows:<br /><br />&lt;soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=&quot;http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/&quot; xmlns:ocs=&quot;http://ocs.ztesoft.com&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;soapenv:Header&a... View Questions/Answers

PHP ARRAY() 14-Apr-2010
Hello,<br /><br />I have to compare two arrays.<br />1)Array contain a Image from Directory like(test.png. tesnt2.jpg)<br />2)Array contain a Images from a file.I have used a Preg Function to read all Images from File Into an Array()Like (/image/default/test.png)(/image/fre/p... View Questions/Answers

please help in jsp 14-Apr-2010
i have two Jsp's pages.<br />on main.jsp have some list of schools. from there i can go home page of any school. home.jsp represents a school home page. <br />in home.jsp have some links like message, vision, addmission etc.<br />when i click on any of these link then i get some in... View Questions/Answers

hi 14-Apr-2010
hi sir, i am using jtable to add the records to the database by using submit button ( i am using submit 4 add records 2 database sir) ,if i want to add a some more record into my jtable then previous record is <br />overlapped 4 my new record,when i am try 2 enter the record into my jtable,how... View Questions/Answers

Java Compilation 14-Apr-2010
I want to write a program that takes a positive integer from the keyboard. I want my program to sum all the integers from 1 up to and including the number entered. For example, if the user enters 5, the loop will sum 1+2+3+4+5.<br /><br />I want the program to make the same calculation t... View Questions/Answers

Java Compilation 14-Apr-2010
I want to write a program that takes a positive integer from the keyboard. I want my program to sum all the integers from 1 up to and including the number entered. For example, if the user enters 5, the loop will sum 1+2+3+4+5.<br /><br />I want the program to make the same calculation t... View Questions/Answers

jsp 14-Apr-2010
How to create the table which show the project detail like id number of the project,project name like (constructon project,software project,webdesine),project type (finance,marketing,construction).when we click on single project like webdesigning then the table show status of the project like when ... View Questions/Answers

steganography 13-Apr-2010
<br /> I want to do a mini project in steganography. please give me the ideas. ... View Questions/Answers

Problem with Double type Value in Access Database 13-Apr-2010
Hello sir I have store Double Type Value in MS Access Databse,but when I search Record then it Gives Round Figure Value related with Percentage and<br />I want to Store and Retrieve Mobile Number with MS access Database,plz Help Me Sir. ... View Questions/Answers

Print Form 13-Apr-2010
Hello Sir I have Created Admission Form when user fills data and submit that data to access database,then when i Click on PRINT Button I want to get Print of that forms Contents,How I can Do it with JAVA SWING,plz Help Me ... View Questions/Answers

web method 13-Apr-2010
I want to know details about enterprise application integration(eai)?<br />I want the books available and how to code using eai? ... View Questions/Answers

java programing problem 13-Apr-2010
Create a class named Movie that can be used with your video rental business. The Movie class should track the Motion picture Association of America rating , ID Number, and movie title with appropriate accessor and mutator methods. ... View Questions/Answers

c++ 13-Apr-2010
hi friends,i got this question and i need u help.<br />&quot;Two subjects namely computer aided design(subject1)and computer programming(subject2)are to be assessed.a set of marks are available for a class of students.For each student,the following details are available:<br />a candi... View Questions/Answers

jsp code for employee payroll 12-Apr-2010
jsp code for employee payroll. i need to generate the payslip with tax calucation and deductions,allwoance .how to calculate the employee tax using the jsp code ... View Questions/Answers

Read from a window 12-Apr-2010
HI,<br /><br />I need to open a website and read the content from the site using Java script.<br />Please suggest. Thanks ... View Questions/Answers

How to Store Float Value into Access Database 12-Apr-2010
Hello sir,I want to Store Student Marks Percentage into Access Database in Float Value how i can Store it. ... View Questions/Answers

SWING 12-Apr-2010
how can i insert image in Jpanel by extending class with JFrame in swing? ... View Questions/Answers

Java Compilation error 11-Apr-2010
ava.lang.NullPointerException<br /> at beanUtils.SaleHeaderUtility.getFullRemainPatientList(SaleHeaderUtility.java:754)<br /> at forms.ProcessDialog.updatePatientBalances(ProcessDialog.java:119)<br /> at forms.ProcessDialog.&lt;init&gt;(ProcessDialog.java:56)<br /> at... View Questions/Answers

get element through attribute 11-Apr-2010
hi,i need a function that gets(nodename and the attributevalue)and returns the node<br />my file look like this:<br />&lt;Medicines&gt;<br />- &lt;medicine name=&quot;lili&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;recipe&gt;yes&lt;/recipe&gt; <br /> ... View Questions/Answers

Jsp login with Cookie 11-Apr-2010
... View Questions/Answers

SQL query 11-Apr-2010
hi sir/Madam i am using MS Access where<br /><br />i have table like<br /><br />Fees_Struc:<br />Amount (INT)<br />Due_Date (Date)<br /><br />Fees_Pay:<br />Paid(INT)<br /><br />Student_Bal:<br />Panalty(INT)<br /><... View Questions/Answers

Java Program 11-Apr-2010
A Java Program to send message from one computer to another ... View Questions/Answers

Java XML modification 11-Apr-2010
hey I want to delete the nodes in Xml file &amp; that should be updated in xml file.here is what i have tried.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />import java.io.BufferedWriter; <br />import java.io.File; <br />import java.io.FileWriter; <br />import java... View Questions/Answers

Designing of textfield arrays in Netbeans IDE 10-Apr-2010
Respected sir, <br /> Sir I want to create an array of Jtextfield in Jframe Form in Swing GUI in NetBeans IDE.... How can i do this.........????<br /><br />I have a code which will create the same in swings which i m giving below.. but how to implement the same in NetBeans ... View Questions/Answers

How to Set Transperent Background Image to Jpanel 10-Apr-2010
Sir ,How to set Background Image to Jpanel. ... View Questions/Answers

image embadding 10-Apr-2010
sir how to put images in JFrame/JPanel ... View Questions/Answers

color changing 10-Apr-2010
sir how to change the color of the selected tab in java swing ... View Questions/Answers

date picker 10-Apr-2010
sir i need code for date picker in java swing because for Embedding in my project plz sir... ... View Questions/Answers

Thank U 10-Apr-2010
Thank U very Much Sir,Its Very Very Useful for Me.<br />From SUSHANT ... View Questions/Answers

hi 10-Apr-2010
hi sir,<br /> i am entering the values to jtable at run time,i don't know how many rows i am fill in that jtable ,that may be 1 or 2 or 3 etc...<br /> i want to add that table row elements(based on the filled rows) to database when i am click on submit button .submit button is... View Questions/Answers

syntax error in SQL Insert Statement 10-Apr-2010
private class ButtonListener implements ActionListener{<br /> public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){<br /> //tab1<br /> if(ae.getSource()==bt1ok){<br /> // String date=tf1dob.getText();<br /> // if(isValidDate(date))<br /> ... View Questions/Answers

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