Copy writing is the process of writing some powerful and persuasive words to promote a person, a business, opinion or idea. It can be in different formats for different mediums as a plain text, or an advertisement in radio or television. This is one of the key elements in advertising and marketing. The purpose of copywriters is to write promotional content that can convince the readers or listeners to buy the product. In case of Internet based or website copywriting, it refers to the method using correct keywords with an aim to achieve better position in search engines thereby increasing business traffic.

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Copywriting refers to the words used in advertisements, TV commercials, and brochures especially in promoting any product. A person who writes copy for advertising material or publication is called copywriter. They are in excess demand in all kinds of business whether small or large who wants to promote by presenting themselves in leaflets, newspaper adds, posters and online web pages. Today as all organization needs to communicate, copywriting is the most effective and creative way of writing that attracts visitors and consumers. So copywriting content contains words that help in increasing your sells. However, in case of website copywriting the content should be both for human and search engine. So in general copywriting is the art of writing promotional content keeping in mind the benefits, audiences, products, services and their features.

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