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Articles are written information on a specific topic encompassing an individual part of a book, magazine, website and other publication. With the expansion of print and electronic media, article writing today becomes very common among conventional writers and also for those who don?t have any training skills. This is also one of the ways of making money online by writing articles on different topics. However, article writing requires specific skills in presenting issues with elaborate thoughts, ideas, and wide variety of information keeping in mind the target audience.

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Article writing for magazines, newspapers, websites is one of the best ways to promote one?s writing skills. Entertainment, trade, business and online publications all are in need for good articles but ones needs to know the basics of articles writing. The articles directory here is focusing on different aspects of article writing and tips for writing a good article. It?s always necessary to pick the right ideas or topics and then collect all key facts. A little research will be helpful in this regard. It is also good for a writer to write decoratively by using some real points. Though, it is advisable to stay away from any kind of controversy but better to present your own stand possibly a neutral one by some strong key facts. Above all one should use plain English words for a readable text as to please the ultimate target audience.

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