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Creative writing is an altogether different type of writing that involves translation of creative thinking and imagination into words. Writing story, fiction, nonfiction or drama, poetry, autobiography, screen writing, and many others come under this section. It is the highest level in the craft of writing that involves an analytical bend of mind and creative ability of writers in terms of imagination and their own point of view.

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?Focus? is the word that is applicable for all kinds of writing and so in creative writing. If you think about creative writing then focus on our articles directory and find some useful tips related to this writing field. Creative writing is something that makes you swing with your thoughts, imagination and also words that can convey the meaning. It is not in grasp of all writers as it involves a complicated way in expressing imagination into papers. It depends on your power of dream and the ability of freethinking without any restriction. Creative writers always go with their intention by maintaining an honest relationship with readers and also with themselves, without caring about writing style. So what are you waiting for! Read the given articles and bring out your creativity and play with words.

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