Writing is a medium of communication or a form of expression by using certain type of language. This is an activity of inscribing something on the surface of any object by forming words into a sentence. So this presents recorded information in different languages with the help of some characters, symbols, pictures etc. The directory here presents different types of writing in the modern information and communication world.

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Writing is associated with the development of human civilization from the very ancient period like Mesopotamia, Minoan, Egypt, and Indus valley, where it developed from pictographic to a particular script. All kinds of writing systems come under categories like logography (written character), syllabary (written symbol), alphabets (symbols representing a language) and featural script. Writing is an outlet for emotion and helps in presenting opinion thereby influencing others. Through writing one can bring attention to many issues by attracting large number of readers. However, as it is one of the most effective methods of communication, a writer has to follow certain moral and ethical values while presenting his/her thoughts that can lead readers towards light and truth.

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