Skiing is the activity of gliding over snow by using a pair of skis made of plastic, metal or wood and attached to boot. This sport also include water skiing in which skiers feet are fixed with a pair of skis and skiers are pulled along by a rope with a handle fitted at one end and the other connected to any power boat or helicopter. Both snow skiing and water-skiing are now two most popular recreational and adventure activities among sport lovers.

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Skiing indicates traveling or gliding on snow or water by using skis attached to boots. As far as skiing on snow is concerned, it was earlier adopted as a transportation measure in commuting far areas in snow range areas. But later in modern times both water skiing and snow skiing became recreational and athletic activities among adventure lovers. Skiing is one of the most popular games in Olympics. Worldwide it also acts as a means of transportation by military in the snowy areas. The articles directory on skiing contains information on various types of skiing, equipments and techniques. Also you can find information on some important reasons and valuable tips for skiing that can help you to make your winter sport enjoyable.

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