Running in sporting context refers to a physical activity of human or animal to take part in a race or contest. It?s a favorite pastime that helps in getting touch with environment and also allows you to get a nice workout to be healthy. This article directory on running concentrates on information for different kinds of running and some general tips on assisting to improve the technique of run.

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Today running and track races are some of the most important sporting activities practiced in all over the world. In Olympic running is organized as different track races of 200, 400 and 800 meters and even mile running like Marathon races. This consists of both mental and physical races, in which the ability can be measured in terms of covering distance per minutes. This activity involves a complex process with entire body movement. There are different kinds of running events like track running, road running, trail running, cross-country running, marathon running etc. As a competitive activity this is associated with several injuries both physically and mentally and therefore necessary to know the right techniques. Hence, if you want to know anything about running then go through this articles directory.

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