Martial Arts

Martial Art is a tradition of fighting technique used to defend oneself physically. It also practiced and studied for various reasons like physical self-defense, improving mental discipline, character building, confidence building and as a competitive sport. There are different kinds of martial arts but all are practiced in a sense of meditation and spirituality with a goal to defend oneself from physical threat.

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Martial Arts denote a collection of fighting techniques used for self-defense and fighting. There are different forms according to various fighting techniques. The most important aspect is the physical coordination without using any weapons. The history of martial arts is associated with development of military training, especially in the Asia but later its techniques spread into all over the world. Now with development of technology, it is only confined to individual and traditional level. Any kind of martial arts whether Chinese or Indian focus on areas like striking, kicking, grappling and throwing or using weaponry. It is practiced in a sense of mental and physical discipline to enhance moral values. Here in the articles directory you can find articles based on different forms of martial arts like Chinese, Indian and other regions of world.

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