Hunting is the activity of capturing or killing of animal and birds for different purposes like food or trading of pelts and other products. Earlier this was practiced as a recreational activity by kings and other ruling class but now in modern day the term is little different than killing or poaching and only refers to legal hunting.

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Hunting is associated with humanity from the very early history of human civilization. During the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic age human practiced hunting for gathering food and so the society was primarily a hunting-gathering society. In modern times with the development of a sense of environmental protection, the general practiced of hunting is banned. This can be only done in a legalized way under the specified law of World Wildlife Federation (WWF). Now hunting is acted as an important tool for wildlife management in controlling overpopulation of certain wildlife species in accordance with the area of a particular habitat. Hunting also carried out for human health and safety purpose and also for other wildlife species. Numerous articles in the directory gather information on different aspects of hunting which are interesting to read.

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