Horse racing is primarily a contest of speed among horses that are driven by jockeys. Horse racing has a long history as from the ancient times horses are used as a means of transportation and are also used in a competitive sport such as dressage, horse-ball, vaulting, polo, dressage, show jumping, tent pegging and various other kinds.

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Horse racing is a match of horses in running or trotting. Horses racings are a kind of equestrian sport and in different forms. The most common horse race in the world is the thoroughbred horse racing. Besides historical and cultural significance, horse racing is associated with gambling industry and the breeding, training and racing of horses is a significant economic activity. Horse racing is one of the most common and attractive wagering game and earns a lot amount of revenue for country that permits it. The horse racing events vary from country to country with different styles. Many articles in the directory provides information about different types of horse racing, horse racing betting, finding the best racing horse and the basics of horse racing.

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