Today golf is one of the most expensive games both in terms of earning and investing in the world. It was first originated in Scotland and played mainly in continental Europe. The term is derived from the Scottish word ?Gowf? means hit or strike. In sporting context golf refers to the game of hitting a ball into a hole using clubs. Clubs are the hitting instruments and a golfer can guide the ball by a series of strokes according to the rules.

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Golf is the sport in which individual players or a team hit the ball into a hole with a stroke or successive strokes by the help of clubs. Clubs are usually of five types: woods, irons, hybrid woods, wedges and putters. Each clubs is used for different strokes. Only the elite groups of European society were earlier playing this, however, it is now a popular sport in all over the world. The articles directory on golf sport offers information and tips for improving golf games, choosing the right golf club, golf equipments, physical requirements, tips for a perfect golf swing and many more articles on golf. With adequate information and practice players of all skill levels can enjoy golf. To find out more on golf, read articles of your choice.

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