In sports ?football? is referred to as a collective term for different sorts of games including Rugby, soccer, North American football, Australian football etc. However, football in general played by two teams with eleven players each on a rectangular field of 100 yards consisting goal lines and goal posts on either side of the field. The player is supposed to keep possession of the ball and advance it in running or passing it to the other player and the aim is to carry the ball in each other?s goalpost.

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The articles directory on football consists of information on different sports like rugby, soccer, Australian football and American football, collectively known as football. But each of the game has different rules and regulation, though the common objective is to score goals or carrying the balls into the goal post. However, as far as Soccer is concerned, players has to carry or pass the ball by kicking, heading, running with or passing the ball to the team member but without touching it by arms or hands. Generally in every football game there are 11 members including one goalkeeper, who has permitted to touch or move the ball by hand. In all kinds of football games the wining team is one who has most number of goals and points. These informative articles will be really helpful and has everything you need to know about modern football rules and regulations.

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